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Prompt 4: What does music mean to you? ~ Poetry
Nature’s music is everywhere, if you stop to listen,
Its effect make my eyes well up and begin to glisten,
The combined sounds spectacular when it becomes one,
Music reduces stress, so you can relax under the sun.

I use to listen to my brother practice his scales,
And our dog Bessie would wake her long tail,
Young, growing up, hearing these beautiful notes,
Like waves of the ocean, rocking the docked boats.

The thunder claps, rain pitter, patters on my windowsill,
Lightning flashes across the sky keeps its own beat, chills
Crawl down my spine as I listen to the weather’s constant beat,
On the edge of imagination, as I watch from my window seat.

Music is an escape, whether loud or soft, it makes most dreams
A fantasy, music is poetry in motion, like a bubble in a stream,
Stars at night, flickering lamps, fleeting shadows, a beat of a gong,
All of these bring joy to our hearts, just like an emotional song.

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