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Laura's Dream of Unicorns ~ Prompt 1, Story
“Unicorns are mentioned in the bible, Andy,” Laura said. “That makes them real, so there!”

“Yeah well, whatever," Andy shrugged, and walked out of the room.

People say they're mythical, but I know they’re real. Laura crawled under her covers, and closed her eyes …

Majestic pranced about as he watched over the other unicorns, always vigil to the dangers that may overtake their lands. His horn curved over his back, instead of forward like the others pink, fluffy unicorns, and it gave him a majestic look, that's how he got his name. He was bigger, more powerful, and undefeated by anyone who dared to try to take over his realm.

Majestic stood tall, surveying the valley before him, watching for any stragglers when he spotted this knight on a white horse coming his way. “Great, who does he think he is invading our land?”

The knight pulled his horst to a halt, his eyes big as saucers. “You're a unicorn! Princess Sara said you were real, but no one believed her. By the way, did you see a little girl come this way? She loves unicorns, and wants to ride one, believing you’re real, so what’s your name?”

“I am called Majestic, and yes, we’re real. What is it you seek?”

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but have you seen a small, little girl walk this way?”

“No, you're the first person I saw invading our territory.”

“I'm sorry, but All I’m asking is be on the lookout for Princess Sara.”

“Did you say Princess as in King Turtledove's daughter? I don’t want the reputation that I do good deeds. I must to be feared by all, so find her yourself, and then leave us alone.” Majestic galloped away, his metallic blue mane flowed in the breeze, a beautiful sight to behold.

The knight watched him, his brow furrowed, wishing he could tame Majestic. At least he wasn't that horrible pink color! If only I could capture him to bring to the king. “Come on, Deva, let’s keep looking for the Princess.” He spurred his horse on.

Princess Sara walked along the hillside, loving the wide-open spaces, wishing she could live on a farm instead of a big castle. Her eyes turned big as saucers as she spotted the unicorns below.

Princess Sara heard about them, hoping the stories were true, and as she came to the top of the hill, there they were, all different colors of pink, except one of them. He was beautiful, a shiny metallic blue who stood out from the rest, his coat shone bright in the sunshine. She began running toward him, but was scooped up by the knight. Kicking and screaming, Sara knew she had to reach the unicorns.

Majestic heard the screams, and galloped over to where the knight tried to hold on to the struggling princess. “Unhand her this instant! Can’t you see she doesn’t want to go with you?”
Princess Sara stopped struggling, “You’re beautiful, what’s your name?”

“My name is Majestic, and I heard you want to ride a unicorn.” He whistled for Belva to come over, and when she galloped up, the knight placed the princess on her back.

“Could you give Princess Sara a ride, just around the grazing land." Majestic told her.

"Be gentle, she’s so young,” The knight added.

Belva bowed her head as if to acknowledge them, then galloped off as Princess Sara gave a yelp of glee, her blond hair blew in the breeze. She loved the feeling of being free as the wind, and Belva gave her that feeling as she galloped around the valley.. When Belva returned the princess to the knight, Sara went willingly. As she was lifted off of Belva's back, Sara thanked her for a thrilling ride.

“Thank you, Belva, for letting me ride on your back. You’ve given me the taste of freedom, and I’m forever grateful. Whenever you need something, just ask, okay.”

Belva nodded her head up and down, and galloped away to join the herd.

“Sorry, she doesn’t talk much, she’s one of our shyer unicorns, but my most loyal one. She always has my back whenever it’s needed, a real fighter.” Majestic said.

Princess Sara gasped, “But she’s so pretty! She fights?”

“A real chameleon in disguise, you should see her when her dander explodes, she turn’s bright red.” Majestic puffed up his mane.

“Wow! I don’t think I want to see that.” Princess Sara said, biting her bottom lip. “I always thought unicorns were magical, gentle, and rainbow colored. You’re very beautiful, you know.”

“WHAT!” Majestic huffed, all his hair stood on ends, making Princess Sara stumble backwards, tripping on her long skirt.

“D-did I say something w-wrong?”

“I was never called beautiful before, and reacted badly. Sorry!” Majestic said. “I think our discussion is over, you’ve had a ride on the unicorn, I have to get back to watch over my herd.”
Majestic galloped away, but came back to stand close to the knight. “Usually older humans can’t see us, and I’m wondering why you can?”

“Well, I was given a potion that helped me see you. The king wanted to know if his daughter was seeing things, or just making up her own dream unicorn. Well, not I can tell him.”

“I see, we’re in more danger than I thought, I might have to take care of this wizard of yours.” Majestic pranced as he paced back and forth. “I think I’ll put my own spell over you, so that you’ll forget all you saw here. It’ll be better for all of us.”

“I won’t tell my father anything about you, even if he brain-washed me.” Princess Sara said, puffing out her chest.

“I can’t risk it, Sara.” Majestic blew a cloud of silver stars over the knight and Princess Sara, and waited for them to wake up.

Princess Sara looked around, sighed and turned back to the Knight. “You might as well take me back, there’s no unicorns.”

Majestic watched them leave, lifted himself up on his hind legs and neighed his own sound of freedom once again. *Music1*"Birthday time for all unicorns!"*Music1*

The other unicorns joined him in their own serenade of musical notes that echoed throughout the valley. It sounded so beautiful it woke Laura up.

She threw back the covers, “Andrew, I got something to tell you!”

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