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Prompt 2, Week 3, Ygritte Romantic Encounter ~ Story
Ygritte barged through the door, stripping off her bloody clothes as she walked. Throwing a log on the fire, she walking straight into the bath room where her maid drew her bath. Letting down her long, flaming red hair, she climber into the tub, and let the warmth sink into her chilled limbs.

“Thank you, Maria! Wash my hair, then you may go.” Ygritte said, sighing as the warmth crept into her body.

“The rose water smelled so delicious, she felt like a woman again. It felt so good to be pampered for a change instead of fighting alongside the men, defending the wall with our lives. It’s a dirty, messy job, but this is what she was born to do. Romance was far from her mind as she enjoyed her bath, and closed her eyes.

When the water became chilly, she stepped out, and dried herself off. She slipped on her robe, and stepped into slippers, the floors were too cold to walk barefoot.

Sitting in front of the warm fire, she thought of the battle she fought today next to a guy she never saw before. Who was he, and why was she so attracted to him, when no one else made her heart beat faster.

Well, I better get sleep if I’m going to be at my fighting best tomorrow. She always wondered why she was born in the land of Westeros where it was so blasted cold all the time. Sure, we get a break when the days are bearable, but they are far and few between.

Getting up from her place by the fire, she was ready to head to her room when a knock sounded at the door. “Who could that be?” She whispered.

Opening the door, the man she was dreaming about stood there, filling the doorway with his frame. She stepped back to let him in, not saying a word.

How can I? I’m speechless!” She thought to herself. “Did I just dream you up, or are you really here?”

“I’m here, and I’m glad you dream about me.” He stepped towards her, but Ygritte held him at arm’s length.

“May I ask who you are, I don’t plan to get stabbed in my sleep anytime soon.”

“My name is Lucius, I fought for a family who seem to like to double-cross anybody, even me. I didn’t take kindly to that, so left and came here. I decided to join up with protecting the wall alongside the brotherhood, instead. At least I know where I stand here.”

“Alright, now I know who you are, do you know who I am?” Ygritte asked.

“Sure, I know who you are, you’ve made a name for yourself, Ygritte, and it’s not just Jon Snow who is enamored with you. I, for one, like my woman hardnosed freedom fighter, but soft, and sweet smelling as you are now. I bet you feel soft and warm underneath that robe.”

Ygritte took him by the hand and they went into her room, slipped off her robe for him to see all of her. Her flaming red hair falling down to her waist was too much for him to resist, and he ran his hands through it, traveling his cold hand down her hot body, drawing goosebumps out wherever his hands traveled.

“You’re so beautiful!” Lucius whispered in her ear, as Ygritte began undressing him. They did a lover’s dance, as his clothes fell to the floor one by one. When he was stripped bear, he picked her up and tossed her on the bed, jumping in after her, making Ygritte laugh.

They touched, discovering each other’s bodies until each was breathing hard from wanting each other. When he entered her, she was ready for him, and they took each other to paradise.

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