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What we do at the 'End of Summer'
Picking the last veggies from the garden,
Plow the land for next years crop,
Baling up one last time the alfalfa,
Storing it to feed to the cattle later.

Cutting grass, batten up the hatches,
Chopping wood for the wood stove
Taking out and washing all the winter wear
For cold weather will soon come again.

Take one last spin up to the cabin by the lake,
Family time, sitting before the fire time,
Relaxing, enjoying each other's company,
Watching the dogs as they run, jump, and play.

We return home, tired but happy, unpacking to ...
Wash and store all the summer wear for the season,
Began making pumpkin bars or pies from the garden,
Or make salsa and sauce from the many tomatoes.

Store the potatoes, beets, carrots in the root cellar,
Pack them in many fallen leaves raked up from the lawn,
Put away all the canned jars on the shelves makes for,
A colorful supply of peaches, tomatoes, apples, and cherries.

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