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My One and Only Wish
My fairy godmother flew up to me to say,
"Make a wish, dear girl, no more frowns,"
Surprised, I made my wish right a way,
She waved her wand, and 'Presto' I'm grown.

I wished my life would be happy again,
My fairy godmother made me older and wiser,
No more depending on my stepmother, 'Amen!'
But now what, I could have become a miser.

No, I want to be happy, I'll find something to do,
I can fend for myself, even when I was fourteen,
I needed to get away, I'll follow through,
To become a famous artist one day is my dream.

Fly away, fairy godmother, I've got it from here,
My smile will be permanent without my stepmother near,
The wisdom you gave me will help me along the way,
So thanks, fairy godmother, for brightening up my day.

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Free Verse
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