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A Scream in the Dark
What was that terrified scream all about?
Should I investigate, ease my mind from doubt?
No, I think it's best to stay put, and wonder,
Cause going to find out would be a big blunder.

I sat up in bed, and wonder what it could be,
Who screams like that, a screech owl, no dear me,
A cougar, do we have cougars? No, it wasn't like that,
Don't you dare grin at me like a Cheshire cat.

Oh, sorry Tootsie, I didn't mean to disgrace your kind,
Keep smiling, sweet kitty, I'm just in a bad frame of mind,
This terrified scream woke me up out of a deep sleep,
Maybe whoever or whatever should look before they leap.

Most likely another animal disturbed the peace of the wood,
Strange scents can shake up a fisher cat who's so misunderstood.
Stay calm, it's nothing to be afraid of, no creating fears
Where none is! I'm going back to sleep cause it's just a bum steer.

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