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Prompt 3~Week 5, Writing~Quatrain Poem
The Last Great Feast

When the last curtain of darkness falls on Westoros,
We’re saddened by the long wait til winter comes again,
Our warriors will once more plan as they sit before the fires,
To keep all the foxes, and dragons in their caves and dens.

A hearty feast is brought out as we wonder who’ll be victorious,
We drink our fine wine after days of battles that’s long and laborious,
The Martell Sun shines down as we stand unbowed, unbent, and unbroken,
Some of us are short on words, deep in thought, while others are outspoken.

We mourn our dead, but still look forward to dance our victory dance,
In our minds we think, and hope the other teams don’t stand a chance,
We stand ever Vigil, proudly showing out colors that are true of Martell,
We know how to fight to the bitter end til we hear the sound of a bell.

151 Words
Quatrain Poem
12 lines
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