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An Evil Witch from Danbury - Free Verse
There once lived an evil witch from Danbury,
Who was very weird, her recipes so contrary,
"Try it!" She'd say with an evil cackle,
"A dish of hemlock!" Which raised my hackles.

It grows outside in my garden of herbs,
"No HARM will come to you." Emphasizing the verb.
I took a bite, but spit it out, "It's bitter!"
Looking around, seeing shrunken heads, I skitter.

That evil ole' Witch had tricks up her sleeve,
Bewitches, enticing anyone just to achieve,
An end to her means of persuasions, so please,
When she offers her dishes of roasted herbs, leave.

This evil ole' witch from Danbury is a worry,
I wondered whose shrunken heads she curried,
It's upsetting how she succeeds with her evil deeds,
Whenever you cross paths, scamper away with much speed.

16 lines
Free Verse
133 words

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