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Eyes are the Mirror into Your Soul
3. Eye contact is a dangerous thing.

Eye contact is a dangerous thing, indeed,
If you’re lying, a person can tell, it’s a guarantee.

This is how you find if your friend’s lying to you,
Look at their eyes, if they avoid eye contact, ‘Boo!’

I caught you! Why are you lying to your best friend?
Because I feel bad, and didn’t want to hurt or offend.

What did you do that was so bad? You let my secret out!
Okay, my dear friend, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

It’s a give and take world where you have to keep your cool,
Get used to being trod upon, unless exception proves the rule.

This can happen now and then when friends deceive you,
Just look at their eyes, a dead giveaway, show them you’re no fool.

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