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The Last Harrah of GoT
Prompt 1: Write a story that includes the words ice, sun, fox, ship and fire. Please bold the words, at least the first time you use them. ~ Story

The Martell sun *Sun* shines bright on the land of Westoros, on this month of August. It’s the land of ice and snow, and the warmth is welcomed by all those who dwell there, even if most of the lands are not as friendly, warmth is always a welcome relief.

The fox is always lurking about, ready to prey on anyone invading their territory. So, beware! I barely escaped with my life that one time when I got too close to their dwellings. They’re vicious in their protecting what is theirs, and would gladly take over what is yours.

Sometimes I just want to get on a ship and sail as far away from this place as possible. Then there are other times when I feel very much at home fighting as a mighty Martell Warrior, to achieve our goal, to become the one who is victorious over all. I’m hoping this dream comes true, because it will make all the hard work worthwhile.

I think ahead a year on what will September bring. How long has it been, having to fight for the crown? We won the fight the first year, but it was ripped away from us by Starks. The third year the frozen White Walkers came into the territory, even when passed from house to house, these frozen scary people roamed about, and then made their stand, and quite a stand it was! I think they call themselves the White Walkers; whoever they are, what is so frightening is that they are really dead to begin with. Eerie! How do you fight somebody who is already dead? That’s what they call a losing proposition, but we keep trying. It’s how the game is played in Westoros, the icy North.

I think what I love most about all this fighting is the high you get out of it, looking back on what you accomplished along the way. Sure, it’s tiring, but it’s a good kind of tired, if there is such a thing. I think so is all that matters.

Everyone has to protect what is rightly there’s, and that’s a fact. Maybe we get a little greedy, and want more, I figure we’re entitled if the other people are not up to the challenge. It goes both ways, and we have to be prepared for anything. We have some great, devious minds in our Houses of Dorne, great planners on how to maneuver the best route possible to receive the most points. It’s a pleasure watching them at work, how their minds plan out their next challenge, and how best to work around it.

House Florent, those foxes are sly, but I feel if we try harder, we can succeed. Great warriors never say die, they keep fighting til the end, even though they’re tired and weary, they never say die, unless, of course, they do.

House Targaryen, their symbol is all about fire and blood, vicious in their dealings, and can rape you blind if you let them. You just have to outwit them at their own game, as they will take whatever they can get.

House Stark out maneuvered themselves this time around, and that was their downfall. What a sad thing to see happen, but it does every once in a while. They’ll be back extra strong next time around, I just know it; so beware of grey dire wolves of Winterfell.

Martell's sit before an open fire, reflecting on a good run. They pass around the wine, and saluting their accomplishments, waiting for the final outcome. Many are sad about friends meeting their end on the battlefield, while others drown their sorrows in drinking more wine.

It's always sad to say good-bye, friends and enemies alike feel the same; so everyone, batten up the hatches, until winter is upon us once again.

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