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A place to store my Game of Thrones writings.
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Story Prompt: Rewrite a fairy tale
Story Prompt: Rewrite a Fairy Tale
Word Count 471

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl with fair skin and bright red hair. Her mother died when she was a baby so her dad, the king, married again. He had been charmed by the beauty and sweetness of his new wife. The stepmother queen was not nice at all. She was actually very mean and cruel.

The little girl grew to be a beauty herself. The people of her father's kingdom loved her a lot, and nick-named her Fire Bright because of her red hair. The evil queen was very jealous of her likability and looks.

Everyday, the queen consulted her smart speaker, Google Home, for a confidence boast. "Hey Google, who is the fairest of them all?"

"Sorry, I can't help with that."

"Hey Google, why are you so stupid?"

"I'm still learning. What can I fix."

"Hey google, fix your stupidity. Oh never mind. Tell me who is prettier, me or Fire Bright."

"Fire Bright is prettier, according to the last vote taken in the kingdom, 92% of the popu..."

"Google STOP!"

The queen took her phone out and dialed her hit man. "Take Fire Bright to a Mosh Pit so she can get trampled and die."

"Yes, my queen. Smashing Pumpkins is playing tonight, I'll get tickets."

Fire Bright was excited to go to the concert. While they were in the car, he couldn't bear to bring this sweet girl to that place, so he took her to see a Taylor Swift concert instead.

He was afraid to bring her back home after the concert, so he sent her to stay with her girlfriends, the seven tweens.

The next day, the queen consulted Google Home again. "Hey Google, who is the fair...Who is prettier, me or Fire Bright?"

"According to the Seven Tweens, who she currently resides with, Fire Bright is prettier."

Darn that good for nothing hit man...No matter, I have a plan of my own.

She drove right over to the tween's house, with some poison girl scout cookies. Fire Bright could never resist a good carb. Of course, she disguised herself as a girl scout first.

What luck! Little Miss 'I'm so helpful', answered the door herself. "Hi Fire Bright, I have the girl scout cookies you ordered. Eat one! Eat one!"

"Cookies? Well, okay, I'll eat one." As soon as she took a bite, she fell to the ground.

The queen was giddy with laughter on her ride home. She didn't realize that she absentmindedly ate one of the cookies while she was driving. She crashed her car and got long term amnesia.

Meanwhile, the tweens gave Fire Bright some hot sauce to bring her back to consciousness. The hot sauce made her puke as soon as it touched her lips. She came to, and lived happily ever after.

The end.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2131782