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Tripping Through the Shadows
7. What if you tripped over your own shadow?

Watching Charmed with my Granddaughter the other day, I saw the character Cole Turner talk to his shadow. This could freak you out if you didn't know he was a demon, which I wasn't familiar with at the time. Leah laughed at my expression, and I realized I had a lot to learn on what this 'once upon a time TV show' was all about.

Your shadow, and of all things that give off shadows brings us to images that are black and white, which fits this house I'm writing for right now.

Oh, shadow on the wall,
What image are you?
Rabbit ears is my call.

Oh, shadow on the wall,
What image are you?
Oh, it's a heart of love.

I use to love playing this game with my children, especially when they needed cheering up. We learned so many different way to stump the other, but laughter was good for all.

Of course, if you believe in the scary parts of this world, and see shadow men when walking in the woods, then that's a whole different kind of story. Let me just make this clear right now, I do not wish to see them, but they sometimes find you. I’ve heard others have seen them, so they are out there. Beware!

Tripping over one’s shadow is just a metaphor, but it’s good to say to someone who’s afraid all the time, thinking something bad might happen if they try this or that seems dangerous to one’s mind, but your mind can play tricks on you, making it worse than it seems.

I love walking in the park, looking at the different shadows from the trees, buildings, statues, monuments. Some people can tell the time of day by their shadow.

I sometimes wonder if dogs, cats, or any other animal can see color as humans do, or just shadows, going more by their instincts and smells. Well, I guess we’ll never know for sure, unless someone is turned into one by these crazed scientists and their ‘out of the world’ experiments.

Some shadows appear long, and when I was small, I was surprised by how long my shadow was. I even remember there was a program on radio called, “The Shadow.” My mother loved that program, and never missed it.

There are songs on shadows, as Judy Garland’s song, “Me and My Shadow.” Of course, there are others, it’s a favorite subject or theme.

You can even use shadow in a sentence, ‘If someone shadows you, they are following you very closely wherever you go.” What more can I say, but it is a favorite subject. Remember, without light, shadows do not form so happy shadow boxing to you.

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