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We're Back!
We had a very wonderful time camping for the past five days despite the first few days being wet and cold. We did find out the old tent isn't waterproof anymore, but we were prepared and stretched a tarp over the tent to keep the rain from seeping through. A few things got wet, but nothing major. Lots of mud around the campsite, but it did not interfere with us having fun; the rain let up both Friday and Saturday by early afternoon and we enjoyed all five days.

We started our adventure on Thursday, a bit later than we had hoped, but still got set up and enjoyed a fire before turning in. Our friends arrived Friday just after the rain stopped and we shared our evening meal and spent the evening around the campfire catching up on things.

Saturday we took the kayaks out and explored the shoreline to the east for a while, but had to turn around and return when dark clouds and strong winds picked up. Of course, the wind was from the west, so we had to fight heavy waves and gusting winds to get back to the landing site. Most of the shoreline we had traveled was rocky and there was no way we could pull up on shore to wait it out; it would have been a few hours wait anyway.

Despite the heavy waves and difficult task of paddling against the wind, all five of us made it safely back to the landing. We were tired and plenty wet from waves breaking over the kayaks, but it was a fun experience. I should add that there were four kayaks and four people, the fifth was our dog Hannah taking turns riding with me or with Rhonda.

After returning to the campsite, we changed into dry cloths, enjoyed a nice lunch and then set out hiking. It was a difficult hike climbing up the hills, but we all had a great time. We returned to camp for a nice supper and another night around the fire.

Sunday was a beautiful day and we spent a few hours out in the kayaks exploring the opposite side of the lake and then back to explore along the west side of the campground. After, we had another wonderful lunch, then went out with our friends to play some disc golf. Rhonda and I had never tried it, so it was a learning experience, and like kayaking, our friends now have us hooked.

Sunday evening we all enjoyed another wonderful meal together, then pulled our chairs around the campfire and talked, roasted marshmallows, and had a wonderful night. Some time into the night my mojo returned. We had been reminiscing on days-gone-by when I found it.

I had been sharing an experience from my youth, roasting marshmallows with some other kids when one of them set his tasty tidbit alight. He waved his stick back and forth to put out the flaming treat when it launched off his stick and landing on the seat of the picnic table just as his grandpa sat down. Of course he sat right on the thing and had some colorful exclamations; us children had some good laughs.

That's all it took to get my mojo to return. Rhonda happened to set her toasted treat afire and it just popped in my mind and flowed from my mouth. A little story of a flaming marshmallow and then on to setting half the campground alight. Next came fictitious creature that lived in the lake and soon everyone was laughing so hard their sides hurt.

I'll have to work on a short story now, based on this tall tale from the campfire, and will be sharing it with everyone soon.

For now, it's our first day back home, and also our return to work, so the tale will have to wait a bit, but I do plan on working a little on it through the week, as work permits.

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