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Gone With The Wind
Prompt: Lyn asked us about Gone With The Wind. What was our favorite part and what did we like?

I love Scarlet O'Hara and I like the movie. I have a Scarlet O'Hara Doll dressed in the white dress and I have Gone With The Wind Barbies and plates and a replicia of the Gone With The Wind Program and books. I also have an ornament of Scarlet in the white dress.

I like that the movie is about the civil war. The civil war seems so glamorous in movies. Scarlet was a woman who used men to get what she wanted and married them. She thought she loved Ashley and after his wife dies, she realizes she loves her third husband Rhett Butler. Who wouldn't? Clark Gable!

I like that Scarlet was strong and went back to Tara after the war and had to work the fields and was no longer rich. She learned what it was like to be poor. She didn't know what true love was until the end of the movie.

I like the part when she is in the field digging up a carrot and ate it and vomited. I cry when she says: "If God is my witness, I will never be hungry again and neither will my kin folk."

I like the ending when Melanie dies and she is so sorry how she treated her and tells Rhett she loves him but he leaves her anyway and she is sitting on the steps crying and says she will think of a way to get him back because tomorrow is another day.

I like when her former black slave rescued her from those carpet baggers and I like all the scenes with Rhett and Belle Wattling. It was touching how Rhett loved Bonnie Sue and it was so sad when the little girl fell off her pony and died. This is another tearful moment.

I loved when Scarlet threw clay at that former over seer who wanted to buy Tara. I think my favorite scene is when Scarlet throws the porcelain item in the library and Rhett stands up behind the couch and asks has the war started. He had heard everything Scarlet said to Ashley and that she loves him and he told he, he was marrying Melanie and she slapped him. This scene is priceless.

I also enjoy the scene when she is in mourning after Charles death and dancing behind an enclosure and dances with Rhett and Aunt Pitty faints.

I wrote a review about this for the local newspaper years ago and they printed it and I was hoping they would offer me a writing job but they didn't. I do love this movie but my mother is a bigger fan. She has a 8 by 10 black and white picture of Scarlet surrounded by Scarlet ornaments and a Scarlet music box. "My Own True Love" the song from the movie is my mother's ring tone on her phone. I have a Scarlet music box, too.

I have the movie on DVD and my Scarlet doll is near by. Am I a fan or what? I am!

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