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What are Monthly Prompts? They are the Prompts for The Monthly Script Writing Contest.
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January 2018 Prompts

January Prompts

Main Prompt = Protagonist

The Protagonist is the main Character or Characters of your story. It’s usually just one or two individuals, things. But it can be more than that. It depends on the story you are writing. After all, the story revolves around them. The Protagonist(s) should be in almost all the scenes. And because this contest is so short length-wise they probably will be in all of them. But they don’t have to be. It’s all up to the Scriptwriter. That’s you.

Genre Prompts

Action/Adventure = You’re an Adventurer who is about to find themselves in the middle of a fight. The only problem is they aren’t fighters. What kind of an Adventurer are you. And how did you get into that fight?

Children’s = You are a tween or a child who has just gotten punished for something you didn’t do. Who really did do it? And how are you going to get out of your punishment? If you get out of it.

Drama = The Protagonist(s) is new to the big city. And they don’t know their way around it too good yet. Who are they? Why are they there? Is it job related, personal, a vacation, family related, Etc.?

Fantasy = You’re a Gnome, Fairy, Ogre, Elf, etc. on your way to work. Who are you? And what kind of work do you do? Is it dangerous, boring, routine? Does anything happen to you that’s different that day?

Horror/Scary = You might want to have a couple in this one. He, she, or they are considering buying an old haunted looking house. Why do they want to buy this house? Are they Ghost Fans? Maybe they just like old scary houses.

Mystery = The Protagonist(s) is about to get involved in a mystery. Are they a detective, a cop, a private investigator, an amateur, or a bystander? And what kind of a mystery is it. Is it murder, robbery, etc.?

Romance/Love = You’re a Romantic who hasn’t had much luck in the Love department lately. Why not? That’s what you want to know. Are you losing your touch with the ladies or gentlemen? What are you going to do to solve this problem?

Science Fiction = You are a member of the crew of a large spaceship. And you are just trying to do your job during a difficult time. Who are you? What is your job? Is it dangerous to what’s going on there?

Teen = The Protagonist is an early to mid-teen who having a big problem. What is that problem? How are you going to resolve it? Do you go to your parents, siblings, or friends for help with your problem?

Thriller/Suspense = You’re a Thrill Seeker. And you are about to try the biggest thrill of your life. What is that thrill? Is it dangerous? And is there any Suspense to it. Are you successful with your latest thrill?

Westerns = You are a member of a cattle drive. And you are having a lot of trouble with it. What is that trouble? Is it more than one thing? Maybe this is your first cattle drive. Are you a female trying to prove yourself?

Young Adults = The Protagonist(s) is a young man, or woman, or both who is trying to remember something. What are they trying to remember? And what are they going to do about it once they remember it. Is it something good or something bad?

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