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Twitter Addiction
PROMPT: Tell us about something/someone that fucked you off this week.

It's been awhile, I know. After GoT, I just had no energy to be here on my pc, and my personal life is busy as hell. I'm either napping these days, working, or being absorbed with the news and...

God help me.....TWITTER!

That's right folks, I've become a twitter whore. *Headbang* *Facepalm*. I hardly check facebook, just come onto WdC to check emails and see if I forgot to do something. This is your obscene warning right now. I'm am pretty disgusted, angry, outraged and if I don't vent and get all of this shit off my chest, I'm seriously going to explode, so I thought it best I do it here. I'm sure that shall make Elle and Charlie 🎃🌈 thrilled since our little blogging group is kinda quiet. *Laugh*.

Quick personal update:
Let's see. We are pretty close to being broke. Yep, I said it outloud and I'm not ashamed to say it. We bought that damn garage/gas station on September 28th, and we are still not in that place. Paying for two buildings is sucking away every dime we've saved. If my tax return doesn't hit my account soon, I don't even know which credit cards I'll have to max out to pay my bills. This is some serious shit and I'm not feeling good about any of it. It a nutshell, the stupid ass dumpster pad and enclosure went on top of a sewer line. Which the city totally missed. Thank you engineering dept. And they say we didn't call for an foundation inspection, which if we had they would've caught it in the first place. So we had to sign a waiver stating if the sewer failed it was at our expense of losing the dumpster pad/enclosure. Fine. Then I had to wait for legal documents, sign them, have them notarized, and go to downtown Detroit to file them. Trip number one was postposted -after waiting 2 weeks for those fucking documents to arrive- due to a foot of snow. My dad drove me down there a few days later, roads were still shit, but I made it, only to find out that while our signatures were notarized, the guy from the city's was not. *Headbang* *Headbang* *Headbang* Fucker. So I call him, he doesn't answer. Typical. I shoot him an email instead, which he answered. Here I'm thinking all he has to do is type up that first page again where his signature was, but nope. He prints up the entire document, which means we had to get our signatures notarized again. *Facepalm* I should've known I swear. He did do me a solid and bring me the paperwork instead of making me wait for them arrive in the mail. His guilty screw up I suppose. Anyway, I finally filed that shit Tuesday.

My Zak and Mona have moved out. Moving was an adventure. I keep calling his empty room Zak's room. I need to paint that room and get rid of the god-awful bright red that kid insisted upon so I can move Danny in there. And once I finally get the time to do that, there will be an empty bedroom I am going move my desk into. I'm really excited about that, I admit it. Besides, I hate the futon in the living room, and that sucker will go into that room in case anyone needs to sleep over. It's a perfect solution. *Bigsmile* The house is too quiet, it's weird texting my kid with silly shit just because I miss him, though he drove me crazy. I miss the crazy! What does make me? And Mona was fun to have around. I was so outnumbered with all the men in this house. She was a breath of fresh air. Though Danny and I are having a lot of laughs and learning how to make one another a tad more insane. He thinks I'm going to kill his father one day because of the way we snap at one another. *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling*. I told him, that's what you get when you've been married for 26 years. We know exactly which buttons to push. If you're going to fucking come at me, be ready to take it back in spades. *Laugh*

Why Twitter:
I opened my twitter account to try and generate some sales for my book. I even gave 10 copies away. 5 on Twitter and 5 on Facebook. I expected at least 10 reviews from the people who won them but got ZERO. Fucking lazy people. My books are probably being used as a porn replacement for masturbation. Seriously, the love scenes can get a tad steamy. Anyway, I started following a few people there.

I started looking at tweets from that disgrace that calls himself my President. And I admit I started responding to his idiotic tweets and calling him a Moron, among other choice things. My family is kinda pissed at me about that, worrying that the FBI is gonna come knocking and lock me up. *Rolleyes* I have lost my fucking mind over this guy running my country into the ground. I'm fucking angry as hell at EVERYTHING this administration is doing.

Honestly, I never gave two shits about politics, just wanted to live my life, make a decent living and keep that insanity on the sidelines. People are never going to totally agree, and as I grew up, you could see the constant bullshit going on in Washington D.C. I didn't need that kind of negativity in my life. But here I am now, soaking in as much info as I can, and seriously trying to decide if I should start running for office. Probably a longshot, but I can't possibly do more fucking damage than these assholes running the show right now.

When the Parkland school massacre happened, it hit me hard. My kids are grown and graduated from college already, but I'm a parent still, and to see what these children and parents are going through rips my heart to fucking shreds.

I've never liked guns. I think the NRA is nothing but a homegrown terrorist organization with their bullshit propaganda and nasty rhetoric. And the worst of all of this is Trump and his 'arming 20% of teachers'. I swear to God that asshole makes me physically ill. Yes, the answer to gun violence is having more guns. Is he fucking serious? I watched his bullshit listening session, which was a complete joke. He didn't listen, nor does he care. Hey, if you need fucking cue cards to remind you to show empathy, then you sure as hell shouldn't be ruler of the free world. Fucking Moron.

All of these politicians who are in the pocket of the NRA terrorist group need to be voted out. There is absolutely no fucking reason for AR-15's, or any other weapon that can cause that amount of damage in such a short amount of time. 17 lives in 6 minutes. That is a weapon of war. Are we really at war with one another? Is that what America has come to?

If you watched the CNN town hall, you saw that bitch, Dana Loesch, trying to justify her pro-gun agenda. She was heartless as she sat there pretending to give a damn, only to hit CPAC 12 hours later and put it all on crazy people owning guns, yet not wanting to take guns away from people who seriously shouldn't own a weapon. They use the 2nd amendment like a gag. Shoving it down our throats, like guns are a vital part of our society. I feel sorry for her children because that lunatic sure as hell shouldn't be raising kids, especially since she likes shooting squirrels for sport because they annoy her. *Shock* I jumped all over that retweet of her saying teenagers piss her off. Good. Finally, there is a voice coming loud and clear.

Baby Boomers let children down by letting the NRA take hold of our elected officals.

Generation X - my generation - hasn't done shit either, we let it continue to grow and take hold.

Millenials ~ I mean no offense here, but the ones I know are totally self-absorbed and cannot be bothered to get involved.

And now Gen Z is rising up. I am following a lot of these kids, retweeting their voices, watching as people are finally speaking up and joining this cause.

Ugh this is a damn novel chapter.


What I'm doing:
~I will be joining a local march calling for Change and gun reform. #NeverAgain

~I am part of the #MeToo movement. That's another story, but yes, I was sexually harassed as a teen at my job.

~I can no longer sit back and hope and pray that our elected officals will do something. If you want real change, then you must stand up and do something about it.

~I am sickened by the number of people being deported, detained, just for not having their visas, etc. Our government is totally lying to us, swearing it's only criminals being kicked out, but they are lying. Every state is being affected, it's happening every single day. There may be something I can do here, especially since I married an immigrant. And all this chain migration bullshit coming from that asshole. Hey, Mr. President, what about your in-laws? Are they the exception to the rule? Of course, they are, as you seem to break every rule that doesn't vibe with you. Hypocrite egomaniac piece of shit.

~We need gun reform NOW. I cannot in good conscience sit here hoping and praying that these assholes in charge will finally realize that children are dying every single day while we do nothing, but fight for a fetus' and then do nothing once these children are here. What in the FUCK are you thinking? Besides, it's a women's right to decide what happens to her own body, and if she's ready to bring a life into this world. God knows that if you have a man that's willing to stick it out and be there you're lucky. I'm a product of divorce. I was 2. My grandfather had to step in, I was one of the lucky ones as my mother didn't remarry until I was already married with a newborn.

~It's time to Stand Up. Our children needs this from us. Our country is drowning in all this bullshit and the line between right and wrong has now become the line between money and ego. Fuck that shit. I'd rather be on the losing side of a good fight than sitting here watching from the sidelines.

My battery is dying so I'm off for now. There is so much I wanted to say. But you can find me on twitter @desiresdaughter. Yea, I really need to change that. *Laugh*

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