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What are Monthly Prompts? They are the Prompts for The Monthly Script Writing Contest.
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March 2018 Prompts

March Prompts

Main Prompt = Secondary Characters

There must be at least one Protagonist and one Antagonist in every movie or television series, but that’s boring. Especially since they aren’t usually together too much. You need to have at least one sidekick, friend, co-worker, lover, assistant, etc. That is what this month’s Prompts are all about.

Genre Prompts

Action/Adventure = You are part of a team of specialist like Delta Force, Seal Team, Stony Man, etc. Only you’re not the Protagonist. Who are you? What is your specialty? Is there a mission going on? If there is a mission, what is it?

Children’s = Your best friend is disabled. What disability do they have? How do you deal with it? This reads like you are the Protagonist in this script, but you aren’t. Your friend is. You are there to help them with their disability.

Drama = You’re a member of a team of office workers. You are in a meeting. Is it the start of the meeting or the middle of it? What is that role? Are you there to make a presentation or just to take notes or someone in between.

Fantasy = You are a wizard-in-training. Your one of the several others on a quest to find something your Protagonist instructor wants you to find. What is that something? The instructor will be testing you while you are trying to find it. Do you find it?

Horror/Scary = Your character is an assistant to a scientist. You will do whatever that scientist tells you to do. What kind of a scientist are they? Since this is Horror they are probably mad but is all that they are.

Mystery = You’re the new cop, detective, private eye, etc. on the team. Whoever is your superior, partner, etc., they are the Protagonist. They are the one who is in charge of the mystery or investigation that you are involved in.

Romance/Love = You are a male friend of a female who is involved in a romance that you don’t like. What kind of a friend are you? Do you want to be more than friends? Maybe you used to be more personally involved with her?

Science Fiction = Your character is a member of the Control Room on a spaceship, space station, etc. during a mission or problem. The Commander, Captain, etc. is the one in charge, but you have a major part in whatever is going on.

Teen = You’re an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is still friends with them. You are there for them when they have a problem. What kind of problem is it. Is it romantic, drugs, drinking, sex, or personal? How do you help them?

Thriller/Suspense = You are an editor of a suspense novelist. The novelist isn’t just a novelist. They are also a friend whose whole life is suspenseful. When they get into trouble, you are there to help them. How are you going to do that?

Westerns = Your character is part of a cattle drive. Is it just before that drive begins, when it starts, or in the middle of it. You are not the leader of it. The Protagonist is. Who are you and what is your relationship with the Protagonist.

Young Adults = You’re a part of a six-some who do everything together. When one of your friends gets into trouble you are there to for them. How do you help them? What kind of trouble are they in? Are they the only ones with that problem?

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