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Favorites ~ Marking Your Stuff
There is more than you know to FAVORITES!

You will notice that next to the title of each item and member there is a + PLUS sign.  Just by clicking on that PLUS sign, you can add that item or person to your list of FAVORITES.    Yeah, so what?

Well, I'm glad you asked!

If you look on the top right hand side of your screen you will see the word FAVORITES.
         Click on that and your list pops up.

Now, instead of looking for that darn contest again, or trying to remember who gave you a really helpful review, or finding the poem you really liked, etc, it can be part of your list of FAVORITES.

Okay, let's try this.
         Click on the PLUS sign for this forum.
         Before we go any farther, open a second computer screen for WDC.
         In the second screen, click on the work FAVORITES at the top right hand corner.

You should now have one screen opened to your FAVORITES, and another screen opened to these instructions.

Your list of FAVORITES can get annoyingly long, super fast, but there is a solution! ...folders!  Yep, you can organize your FAVORITES into folders!

Notice the folder titled MAIN. That in where all your FAVORITES automatically go until you move them. The name "WhataLand Warehouse (WLW) should be listed there.

So how do you make a folder?

At the bottom of the FAVORITES screen, there is a box called MANAGE FAVORITES.
         Go to the option CREATE A FOLDER . Insert the title of the new folder that you want and click GO.

         Make a folder titled RESOURCES
         Now go back up and check the box next to "WhataLand Warehouse (WLW)
         Go back to the MANAGE FAVORITES box and choose the option to MOVE a selected item.
         The drop down menu should have your new folder titled RESOURCES. Click on it and then click on MOVE.

Voila! How easy was that?

So what folders should you make?          Whatever you want!

Here are some suggestions:

Any specific forums or groups in which you are active.

You now know all about FAVORITES!          Well, almost.

There are other effects from making a member or item a FAVORITE.

*BulletG* When you make an item a FAVORITE, any activity from that item will be indicated on the right side of your screen under the word FAVORITES.

*Bulletg* When you make a member a FAVORITE, then any of their Newsfeed post will show up on your Personal Newsfeed view.   Say Huh?

Mark the creator of this forum as a FAVORITE. Look under the title "WhataLand Warehouse (WLW), and you will see the name of Whata Editing .
          Click on the PLUS sign for Whata Editing

Use the screen that is open to your FAVORITES,
          Click on Newsfeed, which can be found on the left hand side of your screen.

Now any Newsfeed post that is made by Whata Editing will show up on your PERSONAL NEWSFEED.
To see the Newsfeed posts of members who are not listed as a FAVORITE, click on the COMMUNITY NEWSFEED.

RECAP:  You should now know...

the value of your FAVORITES List?
how to add a member or item to your FAVORITES List?
how to make and organize folders for your FAVORITES List?
where else those members and items will show up on WDC and why?

Think you're done?          Nah!

Want to know who has you on their FAVORITES List?

Using the second open screen, go to your own portfolio.   Just click on your name up in the top left corner.
At the top of your portfolio, you have tabs. Notice that after the Community Tab, there is one with a down arrow.
         Click on the down arrow to see who has you on their FAVORITES List and on their FAN List.

         - If the name listed has a PLUS sign next to it, then you have not made that person a FAVORITE.

         - If the name has a hand, then that person is also on your FAVORITE List.

         - If the name had a megaphone, then you have indicated that you are a FAN of that person.

         - The second list are the members who are a FAN of you!

For a review or more information, go to "My Favorites and Fans

Okay, now you are done!

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