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The Face On Mars
I often write regarding my belief that there is an alien presence operating in our solar system. I guess this qualifies me as a conspiracy theorist. Occasionally someone responds to my blog or an article in my port, saying they find my stuff interesting but otherwise remain unconvinced. Yesterday I was listening to U-tube videos after searching "Alien Face on Mars."

Most everyone on the planet must have seen, at one time or the other, the famous NASA image of the Face on Mars. When it first appeared it generated a great deal of public interest, despite NASA claims it was an natural feature, that while it resembled a face, in actuality it was a play of light and shadows. However, since it was causing so much "Hoop-La" they agreed to send the next mapping satellite over to take a closer look. For a few years everyone waited for the promised imagery. When it finally arrived everybody was dissappointed. It was simply a mesa without a face, like something we sometimes see in clouds, which at first glance resembles a face but is actually the result of the human propensity to see things in nature as having human features that don't really exist.

Now if you're a skeptic of the Alien Presence Hypothesis and think all the hype about little green men is a bunch of mularkey, then NASA's treatment of the FACE and the nearby DM Pyramids anomolies should raise an eyebrow. From the time when the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) released the doctored images a hard core of NASA scientists and administrators cried "Foul!" These were insiders who knew better than anyone, the culture that exists at NASA and its principle subcontractor, the JPL. While a first they could not offer conclusive proof that the images had been doctored they knew enough to smell a rat.

One of the first to take exception was a renowned plasma scientist, Dr. John Brandenburg, a once high level administrator of the Clementine Project, who had worked to discover the presence of water on the moon. He made several discoveries about Mars, one of which was the presence of a radio active isotope in the Martin atmosphere that is a marker for the past explosion of a nuclear weapon. He has been named, "A once promising scientist who came unhinged." He is worth listening to on U-Tube. His comments on NASA's treatment of the Face on Mars has the following bottom line..., "When you see an undesputable face within 5 KM of some huge perfectly geometrical pyramids, a rational person must conclude that the anomalies are of intelligent origin." When one looks at satellite imagery of both the Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza, on earth, and those at Caledonia, on Mars, the similarities are unmistakable. Duhhhh!

So then how does one explain that the follow up pictures revealed simply a mesa covered with boulders? Dr. Tom Van Flanders has the answer. NASA wanted the controversial face to go away and told JPL to make it happen. JPL took the imagery and subjected it to every slight of hand known to the voodoo of computer enhancing imagery. One photo used a scrub of high and low level level filters and then averaged the two. BINGO! this became the photo that the Public Affairs Officer picked from the table that best illustrated the outcome that NASA was looking for. Having explained this likely happened, Van Flanders goes on to make his case. He uses a scientific approach known as "a priori." He postulates that if the side off the face that can be seen can predict the features in the shadowed side of the face, then the probability of a natural occurring vs an intelligently created object can be decided. So looking at the early photograph and using criteria of eyebrows, pupils and lips and extending what is visible into the dark regions a projection was made. If in the follow-up imagery taken on the subsequent pass the predicted lines were found to be extended into the shaded part, this proves the structure is of intelligent origin. Conversely if the second pass showed rocks and boulders, the anomalies will be shown as naturally occuring. When this test was done it was shown that the odds were over a billion to one that the image was of intelligent origin.

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