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Fallout of Face on Mars being an ancient artifact
Now that the Face on Mars and the pyramids have been established as artifacts of a once ancient civilization the next question is "So What."

The answer to that is that the coverup proves that NASA is a front for the Secret Space Program (SSP), which is an undertaking that began when MJ-12 was commissioned by President Truman in the aftermath of what fell to earth at Roswell in 1947. The debris of at least one saucer and alien remains were recovered. It is strongly suspected that at least one of these Aliens survived and put us in touch with other Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs.) An exchange took place and twelve(12) astronauts, in two teams were taken to off world locations presumably the Moon and Mars. The landing of the craft is depicted in Stephen Speilburg's film, First Encounters of the Third Kind.

Since Roswell a shroud of secrecy has descended on all matters pertaining to all Aliens, past and present. The official explanation for all the hush-hush is a Brookings Institute Report, commissioned by NASA on the actions that needed to be taken if evidence of Extraterrestrials came to light. The Brookings Institute Report gave NASA exactly what they were fishing for... a recommendation, that any such evidence should be suppressed or risk destabilizing the world order. Never mind that this recommendation is absolute BS, and such revelations would lead to a sense of wonder and awe rather than panic and social upheaval..., the prohibition was necessary to allow for a secret enterprise to investigate the UFO phenomena, mine and back engineer artifacts, and determine the threat posed by the EBEs and measures that could be taken should they prove hostile.

This research and development has been going on for over seventy years and led to an explosion of technological advances. Artifacts have been found on the Moon and Mars and crashed UFO's are being mined for the technology they offer. This has put the United States over fifty years ahead of our closest competitor on the planet. By having a virtual lock on the artifacts the USA, has continued a monopoly we enjoy today. Any attempt to change the status quo is being met with a ferocious resistance, unprecedented in history. If you think back to ENIGMA in World War Two, and the threats of on the spot execution to anyone who breathed a word, you get a sense for how profoundly important the mining efforts of these crashed space vehicles and ancient artifacts are to the government. When President Eisenhower warned us to beware of the Military Industrial Complex he was referring to the deep state that is coordinating these efforts. When President Bush let down his guard and referred to the power of these forces and the influence they exert that go beyond anything the government directly controls, this is what he was getting at. When President Clinton showed anxiety when questioned by Kimmel, and President Barrack Obama said he "was not allowed to speak further," it suggests something huge is simmering just beneath the surface of public awareness. The question is why is the subject of Aliens and evidence of past visitations and archeological artifacts such a verboten area of inquiry... kept under a shroud of super secrecy?

There are two answers and they are related. The first is that evidence has been discovered that the Alien issue has a dark side. These EBEs are not the sweet little ETs often portrayed by Hollywood. The second is that every time the disclosure question comes up the guardians (MJ-12) decide they need more time to unlock the secrets of this arcane technology and translate the results into a military capability. If you recall the technology of WW2, the case is often made that if the Nazi's had been given five more years their rockets and jet aircraft would have made them victorious.

The manner in which the Face on Mars revelation has been allowed to play out shows the lengths that NASA, as front for the SSP, is prepared to go to cover up the question of a past Alien presence on the Red Planet. For the skeptics it is as close to a smoking gun as the public is ever likely to get.

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