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Poems written for "The Daily Poem" Contest inspired by various prompts.
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🥇 Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm
*Ribbon* A daily winner for March 26th

Setting my sails
against the joyful tides,
I pilot between the eddies of people
amidst a storm of raucous noise.
I revel in the thunderous laughter
and squeals of delight
as the night sky pales
before gaudy neon lightening.

like the eye of the storm.
A perfect moment where I exist.
Noise becomes murmur becomes music.
Garish light fades to crystal pinpoints –
jewels that shine with the brilliance
of the tears behind the Carney's eyes.

resumes but the moment remains,
trapped forever in the amber
of my memory ...
until time


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An entry for the March 26th round of "The Daily Poem
Prompt: Extended metaphor
Poetry Form: Free Verse   with a nod to "dirty pretty"   *Laugh*
Minimum Lines: 12
Line Count: 22
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