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God Is Everywhere and Nowhere....(?)

Muzzy snoozes. Suddenly, G runs into his cabin and shakes him.
"There's a huge wave!" she shouts. Muzzy grunts as he rises from
his bunk. G is topless and wearing her red pajamas pants with a
tiny heart pattern. Muzzy stumbles to the cockpit and straps in.

"Hmm." is his remark as he raises the e-drive.
The cigar shaped throttle kicks back at him. G straps into the
copilot seat. "Jesus. It's going to flip us." G gasps.
"Hmm." Muzzy continues to make adjustments in the ships trajectory.

Muzzy flips a switch, "Were level. That was a force 7 time wave."
G gets a soda, "I think we moved some timelines .. Maybe."
Muzzy runs a check with the computer. .. "Hmm." he yawns;
"Somebody won the lottery and Jesus was born in 2017. Oops."

"I'm a Christian!" G is very upset; "Does Christianity exist?"
Muzzy takes a long sip of bottled water, "Yes and no."
"What does that mean?" G's eyes fill with tears.
Muzzy swivels his chair back and forth, "Jesus is a politician."

Christianity had become a powerful movement. And it had no tolerance
for any counter culture.. "Hmm." Muzzy watched the history unfold.
Billions of non-Christians had been slaughtered..(Luke 17).
"Maybe, we should find another timeline?" Muzzy smiled nervously.

G grabbed the throttle and rammed the new timeline.
Muzzy grabbed the throttle back, "That was not good."
The ship shook and stabilized. Muzzy coughed and swallowed some water.
"Well?" G asked. "Jesus is a girl." Muzzy answered with a puff of his inhaler;
"She is the Grand Witch of the Interfaith Church of the Golden Temple."

G stood agog, "What the F?!" Muzzy spun his chair about to face G.
"God is everywhere and nowhere." he said with a shrug, "Zen Satori."
G clenched her fist about the small gold cross that hung from her neck.
"This is bull sh*t!" she cursed. "Well, we don't have to worry about an
Inquisition." Muzzy made a toothy smile, "Jesus is a Witch."

Reflections~There is a proverb that if you travel to far you will forget everything.


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