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Poems written for "The Daily Poem" Contest inspired by various prompts.
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🥇 Memorial
*Ribbonr* The daily winner for April 8th.

With four-fifty-nine badges available
(though more than half are unassailable)
to have to choose one gets me riled;
it's like picking out your favorite child!

Each comes with its own unique missive
and, while trying not be dismissive,
the one that means the most to me
is the one with the bright red poppy.

Honoring Our Vets it's labeled -
the living, the dead, the disabled.
To me, they're the modern day knight
defending my freedom to think and to write.

Merit Badge in Honoring All Who Served
[Click For More Info]

To honor your service to our Country -
Keep flying our Flad high!
A former Womens Army Corps (WAC) Salutes You!

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An entry for the April 8th round of "The Daily Poem
Prompt: Tell me what your favorite WDC Merit Badge is and why.
Poetry Form: Quatrain  
Line Count: 12

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