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Warning: Time is Change
Warning: Time is Change

I wish someone would have warned me
about the "joys" of growing old.
Instead, I had to wait and see
until my years turned into gold.

Retirement! The promised land
with time to pursue all my dreams.
Now that the moment is at hand,
I have forgotten why, it seems.

I'm really not stuck in the past
though I'm reminded daily.
At times I feel I've been miscast -
a "Rock Star" with a ukelele!

I remember when the telephone
had a dial that turned.
“Unfriended” wasn't heard of –
instead you were just spurned.

The internet was Sci-Fi;
Google was not a word!
My GPS was called a “map”
and only seen, not heard.

Music came on 45’s,
A.M. radio was king.
The TV had three stations
but you could watch everything.

I’ve traveled a long road to here
and “here’s” not where I thought, it seems.
Time is change – that much is clear,
so I’ll just update my dreams!

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An entry for the April 13th round of "The Daily Poem
Prompt: Write a poem about what you wish you knew when you were younger.
Poetry Form: Quatrain  
Line Count: 20
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