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Historical conversations with the Mississippi River
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The Mississippi and Me Chapter Two
I took a leisurely stroll down by the Mississippi today. I didn't feel like I was missing anything and I began to pray. I prayed for rain since the sun scorched for hours upon hours, and I knew I just had to dip my toe into that water. The river promised many things including more secrets to tell. I said "Hey Big Muddy what you trying to sell?" You know I can keep your secrets I started to yell. What happened on this big hot summer day? Way back down the river in June of 64 she said, you won't believe what happened, big muddy started. "Nem three boys was headed west on the Mississippi and they hadn't seen what was about to come up behind them. It was going to be a racquet enough. A poor gruesome story this one here, you sure you up for it?
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