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Poems written for "The Daily Poem" Contest inspired by various prompts.
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There exists a special magic,
you can only find it inside,
that moment when love claims your heart.
It’s a feeling that can’t be denied.

Somehow, your spirit is lifted
and you start to again believe
that you can achieve whatever
your heart and your mind can conceive.

You find your perspective changes.
Suddenly, life is worthwhile.
You find the corners of your mouth
have risen up into a smile.

You cast away the heavy burdens
that had been weighing you down.
It’s just like stepping on the scale
and finding you’ve lost seven pounds!

It seems that love has the power
to reverse gravity’s effect.
It changes the flaws we all have
and makes each of us perfect.

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An entry for the May 19th round of "The Daily Poem
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