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When I wish not write, I come here. To relieve my thoughts.
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Guiding through the mix
I felt there would be days like this.

It’s one of those days, I want to write, and I will. Or I am? It’s funny to me, at times, I don’t think of my blog, as writing. I feel it’s one of the best tools I have, to unload words, words that build up, and clog my thoughts. Other times, I use my blog, to fill in a time gap, or to occupy my time. With that, writing in my blog, I find is a great way to relieve stress, and other things. Of course, this is writing, in it’s purest form.

I can’t really hide under the claim “I’m new to writing” anymore, as some time has passed, and I know better now, as well as know more. This particular blog, is all over the place, as it is my first blog. It’s a well-blended mix, of madness, personal on goings, and some randomness tossed in. Yet, some people enjoy it! I know I do too.

Now, I do keep a large collection of hand written work, including diaries, journals. I use my journals more like logs, a time line of my life, I can look back on. Whereas the diaries, I keep my most personal stories. True Stories.

Here’s the problem, I have had multiple people, steal my work. For various reasons. Needless to say, I have some sort of feelings about this, and it’s not always good. Today, I am more open to many things, compared to say, ten years ago. For example, someone here at WDC. Once told me. “Writers often write dialogue in their heads 24-48 hours ahead of time”.

This I find is true, as I do this often, sometimes, well in advance of a day or two as well. Now, here’s the kicker, I currently am taking shelter, with a family member. One day, after many days of working on a project, with a lot of dialogue. Spoken dialogue. This family member had me committed to a hospital, as they could not understand, and reported I was talking to myself….

Where I live, you could once (I don’t know if you still can) earn a cash reward, for having someone committed. Sadly enough, this seems to be a thing in New England. You can have people locked up, with little to no reason, or evidence. Just make something up, and presto.

I bring all this up, as I go through my own personal journey. Which I began to document here, in 2014. Then spread this across multiple platforms, so as not to be easily understood, or worse, destroyed in one act. First, was the awakening. OK cool, that was exciting. Now, I work on ‘Enlightenment’. Well Fuck me, I didn’t know, there was a second part to this.

Today, I understand, the moment we stop learning we begin to die. Fortunately for me, I am in good health, and I learned this, from elders. One day, my body will fail me, they all do. With that, I began to increase my “Mind Work”. So that, in the event, I can still be strong, mentally. As for enlightenment, well it’s not just a word, and it appears to take years to reach.

Great, as much as I would have liked to have learned this at an early stage, I understand, everything happens for a reason. Also, to trust in the timing of My Life. If you read this. Trust in the timing of your life, everything happens for a reason. Every sight, sound, smell, you experience. Is no coincidence. Immediately “The Law of Attraction” comes to mind, as we really do attract, every experience into our lives. Good and Bad.

There is plenty of literature on the subject, happy hunting on that. I also find, ‘interpretation’ is a huge issue in this world. When you do read, and research. Check your source, in todays world, there’s an over flow of information out there, and the avenues you may think would be the most reliable, often times, are the opposite. Check your sources, absorb what you have learned, take time to process, before you interpret.

This blog in particular, acts like a note pad for me at times also, if I hadn’t mentioned that in previous entries. I do go back now and then, and review for my own purposes, it’s a time and place thing. I think I may have more time freeing up, which will allow me to write more. Which means I can work on my stories and I am excited about that.

I can also separate some of these thoughts, and am considering branching out to create another blog or two. This way, I can keep them to specific topics.

Another thing I look forward to writing, is about things of ‘Divine Nature’, based on my own personal experiences. What I avoid struggling with today, in other words, what I prevent myself from doing today. Is blasting out my experiences I have already interpreted, or in many cases, transcribed.

Once you begin to understand synchronicity through experience. Your life begins to take on new meaning. It’s one thing to hear of something, and it’s another to experience it, yourself. A quick example, when you can’t tell if you’re causing a desired effect, or perhaps a loved one is helping out silently, or if nature itself has helped out.

This is all part of a greater understanding and I couldn’t possibly cover it, in this manner. Plus, everyone draws from experience, only what they need. As the day progresses, I can feel the fire igniting, I want to write more, however, this is why I came to my blog. Outside influences will prevent or interrupt me shortly. Another fun thing, I have to find a way to keep my blog running, as well as my premium services offered here.

Having things stolen, and being locked up, against My Will. Has pretty much taken everything I own, including my day job. It’s funny to me, as I don’t want to use the word stress. I do think a bit much about “how will I keep my account in premium status”. I do this because I believe in supporting one another, and I have seen WDC do amazing things in the short time I have been here. I enjoy learning here.

I may start taking requests, if anyone has a story idea, or perhaps would like a poem written for them. Inbox me and we’ll see what’s on your mind, and I can schedule time for this. If nothing else, I can be certain, of two smiles. Which is twice what I wanted when I began writing. I once wrote, to unload a burden, it made me smile.

When I write online, I write for you, all. I know when I do this, I am going to get at least one more smile out of one of you. To me, this is the “icing on the cake”. I also do reviews if anyone wants one. If I read it, I review it. Many writers here at WDC, enjoy having their work reviewed.
Thank you for reading,

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