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When I wish not write, I come here. To relieve my thoughts.
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Wait, What?

Ok, part rant, part ramble, with some truth attached. So a love letter to myself.

It occurred to me, I have no idea, how to use this language. I'll giive an example. Legend, what comes to mind, when you see the word "Legend", or "Icon"? What star, or politician, or parent, or the list is endless. I realized, I have no idea anymore, what these words, specifically mean.

I mean, if there are any legends, on earth in the last one hundred years, well, to me, this means we would all be in imprisoned, or in a free world. I find words just thrown about, or thrust at us like weapons. Marshal Mathers (Eminem) said it best, "Words are weapons", and I agree.

There are those, who understand, that words contain much more, than the face value they present. How many swords can you create with words? It's a rhetorical question, and I admit, my thoughts are racing a little at this moment. As I recall some myths and ideologies.

I'm gonna go deep, and out there for a moment. One example, Jesus Christ. Son of GOD. I want to be certain, I understand this, it's important to me. I am to believe, the son of GOD, was...a teacher, and healer, and one day, decided to tell people, 'no no, it's ok, i'll die for you, just don't do what your doing again, hmmmmk?"

Now, I have read, the old testament, the King james version, and this one tickles me, "Holy Bible - Comfort Addition". I didn't find a whole lot of comfort in that one, either. Everyone does have opinions, and that is good. My opinion, if the son of GOD, is known. Would he not be...you know. King of the world. Our Lord.

Now, being a true Roman Catholic, I'm so happy for my church. It is the richest organization on the planet. Kind of makes me wonder, who should be donating to who. You know what doesn't make me happy? Bishops molesting little children. I would personally lop their heads off, in private. This whole public execution thing, is disgusting, and a form of "crowd control".

It also conveniently generates revenue for a few select organizations. Most of my work, is based on facts, and years of research. Of course, being an author, my emotions and feelings at times, can be caught in my writings. You know what, I'm pissed off. Are you not, world? About Nine (9) million people, families, Fathers, Mothers, Children. Die each year of starvation. Yeah, I have to pause for a moment.

Whens the last time, any readers watched a television, and what did you watch. Anyone know what this "Mandela Effect" is? I recently started to research this. The media, in all forms, is fluidic, meaning it seems to constantly change, and reflects someones interest. I'm not sure whos, as 'History' for example, should be locked in, solid. But nope, "we're rewriting history" ~ Today's Media

I guess, I am left with a bitter taste and no true understanding of what a legend actually is. Another thing, whens the last time, anyone's looked at an online dictionary? If you use them enough, over the course of time, you'll notice, words and their meanings, change.

How is that, and why. My personal favorite, I looked up a word one day, it had twenty nine (29) definitions. Seriously, as if communication was not difficult enough. We have to have "intellectuals" creating more definitions to words, most people don't know anyway.

Before I leave this planet, if anyone see's this. Understand this. Fear = the lack of understanding. Nothing more. If you understand something, you will not fear it. What is "Perpetual War". A fear driven campaign. Why do countries fight? They can't communicate properly (avoiding all conspiracies and accusations here). If you can't understand something, do to a lack of ability to communicate, you may fear it, let the 'IT' start lobbing missiles at you, and for sure, you will know fear.

Today, we have the combined ability, to communicate globally, for the first time, 'according to history'. Yet, there are a small few, who want to control our communications, and cut them completely. Why is that.

Thank You for reading,

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