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Unintended Consequences
The corruption of many of the highest institutions in the United States of America is evident in Congressional testimony and the Inspector General Report recently released by the Department of Justice.

The seeds of this corruption were planted by the Obama Administration, took root during Obama's first term as President and blossomed in the waning months of his presidency. What happened on his watch is a sad chapter in the history of the United States.

Once the liberal Democrats came to power they saw an opportunity to weaponize the National Bureaucracy and use it as an instrument to further their political aims. No longer did the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Justice (DOJ) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) see their role as apolitical but immersed their culture in a political bias not intended to serve the American People but rather the parachoial views of those in power. When the time came to elect a new president, these venerable institutions used their influence in favoring the Democrats over the Republicans in ways unimaginable in the here-to-for of American politics and undermined the public trust.

Hillary Clinton, in her bid to become President, and in the run-up to the election set up a server to circumvent the oversight of information and the activities she was involved in. James Comey, then director of the FBI, went to extraordinary lengths in an investigation to exonerate her actions and avoid having Hillary prosecuted for crimes too numerous to mention. It was only when classified emails appeared, syphoned off the illegal server by Huma Abidin and redirected to a personal computer belonging to both her and her husband Anthony Weiner, that the whole sordid scheme began to unravel. The timing for the Democrats could not have been worse. James Comey had to reopen the investigation to prevent an open mutiny by some still honest cops, appalled by the lengths their Director had gone in a political coverup. To the Democrats, Comey's reopening of the investigation and the bad press it received, cost their candidate the election.

The Democrats, realizing they would soon no longer control the levers of power, hatched a scheme to frame the incoming President and implicate him in a plot that they were complicit in. If anyone had colluded or conspired with the Russians it was Mrs. Clinton in the Uranium 1 deal and the false dossier that was faked by a British spy and and paid for by the Democratic National Committee. It is a great irony of our times that the sins of the Democrats were projected onto an incoming president to frame him for something he never did. Yet no sooner had President Trump begun standing up his new government that the Democrats tried to pin the Russia collusion label on his chest and demanded the appointment of a special counsel.

The newly elected president was outmatched and naive to begin with. Despite their loss the Democrats were determined to impeach Trump and not even give him an opportunity to complete his first term. They realized that if he wasn't hamstrung and came to realize and apply the full extent of his powers that all the nefarious activities they had been involved in the past eight years were going to come to light. Despite Republicans winning the House, Senate and Presidency, partisans from the old administration were still embedded in key positions of the Government and the newcomers were far from being up to speed.

As a consequence Trump made some poor decisions early on. The first trap he fell for was appointing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Little did Trump imagine that Sessions would recuse himself and throw the President to the mercy of a DOJ, staffed with more partisans than the State Department. The second bad decision was allowing the Deputy at the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein, keep his job. The basis for Donald's initial trusting Rosenstein was that Rod had just thrown James Comey under the bus. Trump believed at the time that Rosenstine was an honest and unbiased public servant who had recommended firing Comey out of a genuine belief the Director had exceeded his authority... Trump was duped. Rosenstein was as much a partisan as everyone left at DOJ and his memo to disparage James Comey was a carefully calculated business decision. He knew his memo recommending Comey's firing would ingratiate him to the new and inexperienced president and allow him to keep his job. If Sessions recused himself, then Rod would be in the catbird's seat to advance the agenda of the resistance. At the top echelons of the Democratic Party, a carefully orchestrated plot was designed that would hamstring President Trump and slow the momentum of his administration. It would cast a cloud over the legitimacy of his election and possibly lead to impeachment. Once confirmed Rod met with the President and recommended that Muller be appointed once more, director of the FBI. The idea was that Muller would keep a lid on the abuses of the Clinton server cover-up and put a lid on further disclosures. Fortunately President Trump didn't fall for this, forcing Rosenstein to implement his back-up plan.

The back up plan was to appoint Robert Muller as Special Counsel to look into the Trump Russian Collusion hypothesis. Even Peter Struke knew there was "No There There," however desperate times called for desperate actions. Muller was appointed to find some facts to support this false hypothesis. Rosenstein reasoned that even if nothing impeachable was forthcoming this narrative, fueled by a partisan, openly biased media would take some of the wind out of the new president's sails and keep the focus on Russia and not the misdeeds of the Obama administration. For those who remember, a year ago, virtually every Democratic member on House and Senate Committees, began and ended their "Questioning" with the words...."We need to appoint a special counsel." Talk about orchestration! Well the rest is history. The Democrats got what they wanted and the irony is that it resulted in the lid being completely blown off much of the hanky-pankey the Obama administration was involved in. God must like President Trump because all the plots and traps the partisans have sought to embroil him in have blown up in their faces. If they had just kept silent and not appointed a special prosecutor the whole matter would have blown over. Talk about unintended consequences and being careful what you wish for.

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