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What to do with Frankenstine
It's pretty clear from the Archeological evidence that aliens have been visiting for a long time. They constructed facilities, the foundations of which are still visible. Graves are being unearthed in Peru that show beings with fingers and toes and resembling the"ETs," we see in the movies. These visitations suggest a concern about our Nuclear Testing Programs, and an ongoing interest in the biology of life on the Planet Earth. Declaration 8, in an obscure appendix buried in back of Len Krasten's book, Secret Journey to the Planet Sherpo, is a smoking gun which has been leaked showing twelve clear and consise statements about what we've learned about Aliens in the past seventy-five years. These declarations simple cracks the door providing a glimmer of light to shine through, into the planet wide shroud of secrecy that has been cast over the whole Extraterrestrial Issue.

Declaration 8: The Social Orientation, motives and agenda (Politics) of these beings is very diverse. Some Alien intelligences are more friendly to human beings than others.

Like other Declarations in this appendix, this one is something of an understatement. If Aliens exist, then why have they been coming here since time immemorial and what are they doing here today?

Regarding whether they exist or not, there is a flood of evidence that they do. For that matter we appear to be on the verge of at least a partial disclosure. In recent months Fox News has shown gun camera footage of a UFO off the coast of California. The History Channel has carried a day long epistle that encompasses a huge range of evidence on the Alien phenomena. Last week President Trump announced his intentions to create a Space Force. However, the most convincing piece of evidence are the Walls at Cusco. Not only are the stones huge, polished, and fitted with a breathtaking precision... they are assembled in a manner that no human on earth would use in building a wall. Some stones have twelve facets and they are stacked in a way that ignores any need for a horizontal plumb line and go up and down and in and out without regard to any consistency in size and shape. An unknown effort was made to destroy these mammoth edifices sometime in the past but the foundations of these bizarre designs and construction are found in locations around the world.

Assuming then, that Aliens actually have and do exist is really not much of a stretch... indeed it is something more along the lines of indisputable fact. So why in antiquity did they set up shop on planet Earth and why are they still cruising about the air, land and sea?

The most reasonable answer is they dropped by in antiquity looking for something. Two reasons are often given. The first is that the earth had natural resources that had value in intergalactic trade. There is unmistakable evidence that copper was mined on a large scale in around the Great Lakes and that in South Africa gold mines were being worked back in the dawn of time. Mining operations require a workforce and the hypothesis is made that apes were genetically engineered to provide the sweat labor. These were our ancestors, Homo Sapiens, for which no direct link has ever been found.

The second reason is that ETs like the biology of mankind and other animal lifeforms. In recent years animal mutilations have become commonplace. Cows are levitated from their pastures, surgically cored and the unwanted residue dropped unceremoniously back to earth. Human Beings are abducted, often over several generations, and females used to produce hybrid offspring. The alien grays are said to have a facility for manipulating DNA with a skill analogous to a local mechanic fixing your car.

So it is becoming increasingly clear that Aliens have been around awhile and are still mucking around quietly... in the background of our everyday lives, doing their inscrutable work.

So assume at the dawn of time the Apes got a product improvement upgrade. Alien DNA was poked into strands here and there and "Voila!" some hair fell off, the cranium expanded and a useful thumb was thrown into the mix. The aliens at the time were living in stone facilitaties we still see the evidence of today. They used this workforce at first in their mining operations and watched them develop in ways that even they must have been impressed with. Indeed the offspring was so attractive and compelling that they mated with them in the old fashioned way... having hybrid offspring which became our ancestors. It is not a stretch that they developed an attachment towards the results of their handiwork. Not only did these creations show a capacity for hard work but amazingly a musical and artistic talent, coupled with the ability to grasp complex thoughts and understand mathematics and astronomy. So what did the Aliens do with their hybrid cousins when it came time to return from whence they came? In a laboratory you simply autoclave the petrie-dish but not surprisingly they had developed an emotional attachment over time which they were loath to snuff out... you know like a dog you come to love or one of those walk on cats someone tosses into your yard.

So they decided instead to set mankind on some sort of pathway to citizenship among the community of intelligent beings in the universe. What they didn't realize was that Frankenstine had been loosed in the labratory and once the paste was out, there was no turning back.

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