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Paul Heller and what is Driving the Cart?
I recommend watching Paul Heller's latest U-Tube video about UFOs. While it does not appear that he was ever officially read into the scope of the coverup, he was a cabinet level official who caught a glimmer of what was happening by virtue of his position as Canadian Defense Minister and connections with more knowledgable people at high levels of the military. Most of what he knows comes from the same sources that are available to most anyone in open sources. These include Corso's book, The Day after Roswell, and Len Kasten's book, Secret Journey to the Planet Serpo. In his lectures, at various conferences, he explains what he has gleaned and the test he uses to see if what he reads and hears resonates truthfully against the filter of his intelligence and experience. He is definitely not an "Insider" but puts matters in a clear perspective, understandable to a neophyte. So, he thus provides a good primer to the ET issue while at the same time gives some interesting new nuggets, dropped here and there, in the course of his presentation.

The only person in the United States who has had his level of political experience is John Podesto. It's said that John recommended to Hillary Clinton that she embark on a pathway to disclosure if she became president. That would have been a step in the right direction, but at a terrible price. Still, we are on a course to at least partial disclosure, evidenced by what is being covered in the "Fake Media" that is largely controlled by by the CIA and Old Money both at home and abroad.

In the print media however, there have been books published by UFOologists, exploring various aspects of the coverup. This masking of the the truth is by no means limited to flying saucers, but is also deep into archeology and physical evidence being unearthed that ET has been visiting us and manipulating DNA since at least the dawn of recorded history. It would seem that there are two Holy Grails the Intelligence Agencies wants to keep from the hands of the public. These are (1)Physical Evidence of dead aliens and/or (2) of the space craft they travel about in. If either of these get out they would provide irrefutable evidence. Anything less can be blown off as weather balloons, swamp gas or the product of over active imaginations.

In the Social Media is where most of the revelations are coming from. While anyone can self publish a book these days..., without a distributional base most of these pass unnoticed. U-Tube and the internet, on the other hand, are much more dynamic and viral. Anybody can make a U-Tube video and post it on social media. Leaks in this free flowing of information happen so fast that they cannot be prevented. Once they get revealed the Intelligence Agencies (Gatekeepers of the Coverup) must be continuously on their toes to debunk, ridicule or mitigate the the bits of truth that explode into public consciousness in a firehose of conjecture, speculation and sensationalism. For those who follow the Extraterristerial Issue, comes the requirement to develop filters to separate the truth from information that is often hoaxed, or over-stated from factual revelations being obfuscated by the intelligence agencies. Scientists have become so complicit that one can't believe anything they say. They are totally under the thumb of grants controlled by special interests. So in listening to Paul Heller one can see he is largely repeating what his listeners have heard before, except that he is convinced that the ETs are benign little creatures who have the best interests of humanity at heart. Since he is a smart guy, with a proven high level track record, one must give credibility to the conclusions he is reaching.

There are two schools of thought regarding the coverup. The first is that it exists to protect the knowledge base and special interests of the Military Industrial Complex. History reveals that mankind has been party to some bad things in the past and some of this could have been influenced by an off world intelligence. This school, which included Stephen Hawkings, councils that we proceed with great caution with the Aliens, as they have a potential dark side analogous to the same character trait evident in the human race.

The Second school is that we don't really have much to offer the Aliens and their presence is to warn mankind that we are close to rendering our planet uninhabitable and need to take immediate action to reduce our population, bring global warming under control and consider finding other moons or planets for the seeds of humanity.

There is a large amount of knowledge and conjecture regarding which school has it right. One has to assume that our Government, for the wrong reasons as well as the right, knows more about these visitors now then they did seventy-five years ago. Do the ETs pose a legitimate threat to the humanity of the planet or pose more a threat to the status-quo of the industrial, pharmaceutical or energy industries? Does the Government know something we don't or is it more of the same old greed and self interest that has been driving the cart since time immemorial?

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