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President Trump and the "Beautiful" Space Force
Anybody who has listened in on recent Trump Rallys must have heard his intention to create a "Space Force. " It usually comes right after his success in revitalizing the Military. Most think this refers to expanding what has grown under the Strategic Space Initiative but it goes beyond that. The question is why do we need a Space Force? Aren't the forces currently under the Department of Defense capable of dealing with Space? The answer is an emphatic "NO." If disclosure is going to take place one of the first things that will be necessary is admit to a Force that already exists on a scale equal to the Army, Navy, and Air Force combined. In our quest to unlock the secrets of space travel, and build back engineered vehicles using Alien technology we have created a shadow force that must soon be legitimized. There are some serious issues that will accompany even partially disclosing the Secret Space Program not the least of which is officially recognizing it for what it is. What began in 1947 and has grown behind the scenes in scope, knowledge, capability and funding... doubling down every couple of years in much the way our computer and other sciences have exploded onto the stage of recent history.

After WW2, when the Soviets stole the A-Bomb secret, President Truman was faced with two dilemmas. The first was a revelation that Extraterrestrial Beings were real. Crashed saucers and dead ETs turned up at a handful of sites one of which was Roswell New Mexico. The second was that the Russians had stolen and developed a nuclear weapon. We had to find a better way for keeping secrets. This was a dilemma because the reason for all the UFO activity was the OMG realization by our extraterrestrial visitors that human kind was on the verge of blowing up the planet and the realization that these creepy looking ETs were interfering with our V-2 (Intercontinental Missile Development Program.). "Oh my goodness gracious," Truman must have thought, "are these space creatures hostile?" Jee wiz! The technology they possess is far beyond anything we can imagine. We better do something quick."

Our response was to begin shooting down, at White Sands Proving Grounds, and elsewhere these ubicquitous saucers. We succeeded at first, in at least a half a dozen instances. These flying saucers were vulnerable to the sound resonance of high powered radars, and yes cannon fire or missiles could blow a hole in one causing it to crash. It turned out that they retaliated shooting down not just attacking aircraft, but B-36s carrying atomic bombs over the poles and even civilian airplanes. The carnage continued unabated for several months and it took a concerted effort by the intelligence agencies and the press to keep the lid on it. Then there was a flight of numerous saucers that appeared suddenly over Washington DC. This was the final indignity and we ceased all hostilities against the saucers . It must have finally dawned on President Truman that if the Aliens wanted to get really ugly there wasn't much we could do to stop them. If you can follow this, the saying..."What we have here is a colossal failure to communicate," becomes the understatement of the century.

To Truman it must have been clear that something was going on and whatever it was, he wasn't managing it very well. He signed a secret Executive Order that set into motion the biggest cover-up in history, one that continues to this day. He appointed a body of 12 top military, scientific and political leaders to look into things, giving them broadranging authority to examine and act on the matter. This body was Majestic 12 and they got right to work. Soon they morphed into a series of compartmentalized groups looking at different aspects of the problem. The intelligence agencies were given carte blanch to impose a blanket of secrecy over the entire operation, unconstrained, even by the exercise of lethal force. This was no half-hearted response. It began and continued in deadly earnest becoming an enterprise that dwarfed the Manhattan Project.

From the military Industrial complex secret stovepipe compartmentalized research and development groups went to work on the downed saucers to try and figure out how they worked. Progress was slow at first since the technology in no way resembled or was related to anything we had a basis for understanding. Integrated circuits, fiber optics, a multitude of exotic materials and a pilot saucer interface more akin to a living organism than an electro-mechanical device began emerging from the bewildering array of technology. The bending of space time, perpetual sources of energy and elements that don't exist in our solar system are just a small sample of things learned in the past seventy-five years.

Concurrently, why the ETs were here became more self evident. What we would call biology or medical science were areas of interest they were determined to pursue. Animal mutilations and human abductions are evidence of what our new found friends were up to. The full extent of their interests still remains a mystery.

So, what does all this have to do with where we stand now, on the eve of what appears to be at least a partial disclosure of what has been going on. In part it rests on the legal framework by which we govern ourselves. What has been happening in the United States for three quarters of a century has a flimsy basis in law. This is to say that by in large all these under the table activities are illegal. They do not fall under the protective umbrella of our Constitution. When President Trump says he wants to create a Space Force, what he is saying is that he wants to create a force that will legitimize what we already have in place.

Right now, Dr. Stephen Greer, is attracting a host of insider whistleblowers who are exposing, in every way under the sun, the scope of what is going on. His message to those in compartmentalized secret programs is that nobody is bound by classification or oaths of secrecy since all these activities are outside the protections of the Constitution. He is saying that nobody can be prosecuted by laws that do not extend their protections over these illegal activities. Regardless of the legal aspects, The Department of Justice is not going to prosecute anybody for coming forward, not necessarily because of Whistleblower laws but because a court battle will reveal the full extent of what the Intelligence Agencies are trying to hide. As a consequence the whole system is beginning to leak like a sieve. What keeps the problem from becoming worse is the way the system is set up. The stove pipes are civilian entities. The technologies that are evolving from an exploitation of alien technologies are in the hands of industrialists who have their own safeguard failsafes for the stewardship of knowledge that is being acquired. What worries them most is that they will get thrown under the bus and blamed for the excesses of the means that have been used to reach the ends of the technologies that resulted. Under disclosure, everybody that has part of the coverup is going to want immunity for the fraud that has taken place even if the motives for all the lying and deceit can be explained away as being in the best interests of the people.

Once even partial disclosure begins, the trickle will soon become a torrent. Establishing a Space Force will at least provide an umbrella for some of the nefarious activities which have taken place. It makes sense. As in other matters, President Trump appears to be on the right track in getting out in front of another ominous situation.

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