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This is a dumpster for some really bad but funny (cringy) stories.
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Idiotic Compilation: Story I: Water does a Despacito
Once, in a world inside Roblox, there was a man and a man.
Not the most fascinating thing ever.
One day, the man (Water Bottle) talked to his friend (Oil Can, the other man I was talking about).
"I think we need to move out of our cheap little apartment, and live in a real house."
Oil Can nodded his head. "That's a great idea."
Therefore, Water Bottle and Oil Can found a home downtown, and they started to pack their stuff from their apartment.
It was running smoothly for the first few days, but some things changed on the 3rd day of packing.
Oil Can accidentally dropped Water Bottle's favorite lamp, and Water Bottle got super mad at him.
First, he kicked his friend in the shins.
Then, he destroyed Oil's favorite lamp, which made Oil mad as well.
But, before Water could do any more harm to his friend, Oil suddenly grabbed a pizza and shoved it down Water's back.
Water got angrier, so he got the pizza, dunked it in the toilet, and chased Oil around the apartment complex.
Oil snatched the pizza and threw it outside, where no one could see it.
Water used his fake MMA skills and did a really messed-up choke and head punches. (but missed)
They were both tired, so they just stood in their apartment and stared at each other.
Then, Water said Despacito, and did a L E T H A L dab at Oil.
Oil threw a Despacito at Water, and T-posed. Then, he spun around and he dabbed 10 times. (oh crap)
Then, a girl knocked on their door. Water opened it, but it was a mistake. The girl saw Oil dabbing.
Therefore, she reported the mens' apartment to the apartment complex because she thought it was an "inapopiate plase".
The men were kicked out, and had one week to move out. Luckily, they purchased the home just in time, and they lived in a place where they could throw Despacitos without people noticing.

the end

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