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by ruwth
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~ Christians Don't Need Deliverance, Do They? ~

"A Christian does not need someone to minister deliverance to them. A Christian can simply pray and ask God directly in Jesus' Name for whatever they need."

How many times had she said that to her friends over the last few weeks? And, she really believed it. So what was she doing now?

Melanie and many of her friends friends from church had been talking about deliverance—about demon possession and demonic oppression. As they discussed spiritual warfare, they had told her that a Christian could not be possessed but could be oppressed by a demonic spirit.

Even if this was true, she did not believe she or any other Christian would need anyone to "minister deliverance" to them.

And yet, here she was driving to ask her friend to pray for her.

Melanie and her friends had been reading some books written by powerful Christian authors about demonic influence and deliverance ministries. Melanie's best friend Sandy had even been praying for people in Jesus' Name and commanding demons to leave them. Sandy was excited about some of the things she had been experiencing but as they discussed the subject, it seemed to Melanie like Sandy was seeing a demon behind every bush.

Melanie did think there was some validity to this business of demonic influence but she just believed Sandy and the others were taking it to extremes—AND she definitely did NOT believe a Christian would need deliverance.

Melanie had been struggling with feelings of despair and depression. Bogged down in an unhappy marriage, she sometimes felt as though she wanted to die. She had prayed. She had renounced a spirit of suicide in Jesus' Name. Melanie had sought God and done everything she knew to do.

Then this morning, when she was once again crying out to God in despair, she distinctly felt like God, Himself was telling her to go to Sandy for prayer. So, in spite of firmly believing she could simply go to Jesus on her own, Melanie was headed to Sandy's home.

She was sure of one thing: she was not going to allow herself to be sucked into all this. She was going to ask Sandy to pray but, if ANYTHING happened, it would have to be God. She was not going to make it happen—far from it. She would simply sit there like the proverbial bump on a log.

After all their conversations on the subject, Sandy knew exactly how Melanie felt about this subject. When she answered her door that Sunday morning to find Melanie on her doorstep, she was not sure how to proceed. Melanie admitted her struggle and told her about feeling as though God had told her to seek prayer from Sandy that morning.

They were both nervous and hesitant about the whole thing as the friends walked together into Sandy's living-room. Melanie was convinced that this was what God wanted her to do. Sandy felt somewhat put on the spot but decidely declared it was not dependent her or her strength—it was not her power, it was simply the Power in the Name of Jesus. She was just a vessel, and, before starting to pray, that's exactly what she said to her friend.

Melanie sat down in a the small straight-backed chair Sandy had set in the middle of her livingroom. Sandy began to pray.

She walked around a bit talking to God first in English and then in tongues. Then she put her hand on Melanie's back while keeping one hand free as she reached out for God's Power.

Melanie sat still, determined not to be swayed by emotion. She was determined to be a passive participant.

Melanie was not looking to Sandy for help. She was there, sitting in the chair in Sandy's livingroom allowing Sandy to pray for her simply because she believed God had sent her there. She was not looking to Sandy—she was looking to God.

Taking authority in Jesus' Name, Sandy began to command a spirit of inferiority to leave.

Neither of them had expected THAT! Sandy knew Melanie was struggling with marital discord and depression. As a friend, she had sometimes talked to Melanie about those things but they had never discussed INFERIORITY!

And, they weren't discussing it now. Melanie was simply sitting quietly listening, watching and silently praying—wondering what would happen next. Sandy continued to speak as one with authority, "In Jesus' Name, you spirit of inferiority, I command you to leave."

Sandy paused for a moment and told Melanie to renounce a spirit of inferiority in Jesus' Name. Melanie knew what Sandy was talking about—the books they had been reading together talked about it and it was one thing she was willing to do.

"I renounce a spirit of inferiority in Jesus' Name." she said.

Sandy continued, "You spirit of inferiority, I command you to leave in Jesus' Name!"

As if in response to Sandy's words, a thought came into Melanie's mind:

"I don't have to leave, I have been here longer than she can remember."

Sandy immediately countered, "I don't care how long you have been there, you MUST leave IN JESUS' NAME!"

Melanie was startled! First of all, the thought seemed to have come from an entity separate from her and, secondly, her friend had responded to her thought as if she had heard it!

Sandy continued commanding the spirit to leave in Jesus' Name and suddenly Melanie felt as though she was being choked! She could not breathe and her eyes began to bulge as she felt as though something was blocking her throat.

Sandy continued speaking with authority commanding the spirit to leave in Jesus' Name. Melanie began to cough violently. Sandy gave her a wastebasket and encouraged her to spit out any phelegm and such.

Then peace came. Melanie's breathing was restored and a sense of peace filled both women and the room itself.

What had just happened? This was new to both of them but one thing they knew:

They had witnessed the Power of God.

Written for: "Spiritual Fiction Writing Contest-CLOSED
Open Prompt: (A story based on the teachings of any spiritual/religious path.)
Word Count: 1026

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

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