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This is a dumpster for some really bad but funny (cringy) stories.
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Idiotic Compilation: Story IV: British Knuckles: Part I
Everyone knows that the Ugandan Knuckles meme is dead. So, here's the British Knuckles, and are their really idiotic adventures.

The main tribe leader of the British Knuckles is named "Bog Roll." That just means "Toilet Paper", but Bog Roll sounds better than a paper of toilets. (waet wat im cnfuzzled i thout toilt papr wuznt papr of toylets)
The assistant tribe leader was named Legless. It means drunk, but since this is supposed to be 20% Christian, (minecraft version) let's say that Legless got drunk from Liquified Onions.
The military general was named Wazzock. That means he was extremely stupid. In fact, he would play Overwatch and Anime-Inspired M O B I L E RPG games every day instead of command his British Kunckle Military.
The British Knuckles do not have red coats. Instead, they have... MLG rainbow coats ...actually, yeah they have MLG rainbow coats.
And they throw the most lethal D E S P A C I T O S to attack attackers.
And when they attack the attacking attackers, the attacking knuckles throw S U P A - D A B S at the attacking attackers who got attacked by attacking knuckles attacking attacking attackers. (waet wat im cnfuzzled i cant reed pls im dum"
When the attacking attackers who got attacked after they got attacked attack the attacking knuckles, the attacking knuckles attack the attacking attackers who got attacked after they got attacked using M E G A - D E S P A C I T O M L G D A B S,
which is unbeatable and super MLG. The British Knuckles can throw D E S P A C I T O S so strong, Russians are scared. Kim Jong Un's nukes are scared. Trump gets triggered and makes a wall and trash talks Britain even though the Knuckles are doing it.
Now, on to the adventures.
The Knuckles live in London, and they hide behind luxurious shopping malls and restaurants, scavenging for food left behind by stupid money-hungry teenage Americans. They eat McDonald's at least 1 time per day, since stupid money-hungry teenage Americans like to eat chemical soup beef.
One day, they decided to walk into a Gucci store and do the Hype in front of stupid regular American tourists.
They did the Hype for 24 seconds, then they got kicked out for being a visual distraction.
They went to a bistro and decided to sing "Mine Diamonds", but they got kicked out in 49 seconds.
They tried one more time to get popularity, by dabbing at police officers, but they got yelled at in 14 seconds.
They got really sad, and they went back to the place where stupid money-hungry American teenagers go, and they discussed a plan.
a n d i t w a s t h e m o s t b r i l l i a n t p l a n e v e r.

part 2 coming soon
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