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Rated: 13+ · Book · Comedy · #2162989
This is a dumpster for some really bad but funny (cringy) stories.
#937745 added July 12, 2018 at 7:14pm
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Idiotic Compilation: Story V: British Knuckles: Part II
Bog Roll ate cheese and farted. Legless ate cheese and farted as well. Everyone in the British Knuckles community did the Hype and farted after eating cheese. Then, they yelled "D E S P A C I T O" and dabbed.
Shortly after the attack, they found an army of Overwatch players laying dead near the Thames.
The British Knuckles yelled "D E S P A C I T O" and dabbed again, and the Overwatch army floated up to space to turn into DEADLY LAZERS
Then, they ran behind a restaurant and found old caviar in the dumpster. They ate it and ran back to the Thames when an army of Naruto fanboys morphed into Gokus.
Bog Roll dabbed at them, but it did no effect. One of the Goku fanboys performed the Kamehameha. It killed 3 of the knuckle soldiers.
Bog Roll blew a whistle 4 times, and the Knuckle Army did a Mega-Despacito MLG-Dab 2 times. 30 Gokus died, but they got worn out by doing 2 Mega-Despacito MLG-Dabs. The Knuckles ran behind a building and discussed their new plan.
Legless suggested that they should do NoScopes and yell "D E S P A C I T O". They went back out and tried it. 100 Gokus died, but it was not enough. The Gokus had learned how to multiply, and they did Kaio-Kens.
Thankfully, the Knuckles dodged it. They did more NoScope Despacitos, but they couldn't do it fast enough. The Gokus just multiplied while they were doing the Noscopes.
They hid behind the building, and Knuckle Soldier #34773 suggested that they should sneak up to their feet, and inject in Tridespacitolythene. They went behind a McDonalds and extracted the chemicals using Legless's extractor. They consumed the chemicals, did a D E S P A C I T O, then spit it out into a tube.
They sneaked to the Gokus' feet and injected the Tridespacitolythene with a syringe.
They ran back, and thousands of Gokus floated to space to become CRAZIER SPACE DUST.
Now, there were only 499 Gokus left, and they needed 500 Gokus to multiply.
The Knuckles went behind another McDonalds to extract, they went back to the Gokus, and injected the Tridespacitolythene.
The Gokus floated to space to become SPACE DUST. The knuckles went back to their normal hideout and had some fun.

The knuckles had a great life and continued to fight the cringy impurities.
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