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This is a dumpster for some really bad but funny (cringy) stories.
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Idiotic Compilation: Story VI: A Story of a Rapper
Once upon a time, there was a rapper, and he was in college. He started making Minecraft parodies since he was bored, but later progressed on to original sick music.
All of his friends liked his music, but his name was simply "Charles Smith". So, he needed to find a rapper name.
He noticed that most rappers' names started with "Lil", so he stole a name from his favorite rapper and changed it so that it wasn't obvious that he copied.
"Pil Lump."
He made more rap songs and got famous around the campus.
His lyrics were great, but he couldn't find a beat to work with.
He called his friend over to make him some beats. His friend didn't know how to make beats, so he nodded and walked to his computer. He downloaded some free beats from the internet, and bass boosted it.
Pil Lump got the beats, but whenever he tried to make a rap out of it, his ears would start bleeding because of the intense bass boost.
He treble boosted it and made a song.
Later, he posted it on Youtube, but no one viewed it, not even his friends.
He got very sad, and quit making rap songs.
A few months later, he realized why no one would listen to his song.

It was about Minecraft.

the end this was a really short story

submit ur stories pl0x
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