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The Flashlight of Stupidity
I grew up in a military family. My parents were Democrats. I remember hearing at the dinner table... "The only way we are ever going to get a pay raise is if a Democrat is elected." How times have changed. Under Obama the Democrats lost the Military. This is not the only pillar of their base, that was once Democrat which today has turned firmly Republican.

This has happened in other segments of American society. Middle class Americans, once heavily Democratic are more and more aligned with the Republicans. In the testimony that Peter Strzok gave he was forced to read emails that were disparaging of the middle class. Saying they "Smelled" and were a bunch of "Hillbillies" reflects the overall attitude of the Left towards everyday Americans. The Strategy of the Left, to remake America, through a policy of open boarders is not working. It won't work in the short term nor will it work in the long term. It is based upon the the assumption that these immigrants will vote Democrat once enough of them flood into the country and thereby tip the balance forever in favor of the Left. In the short term there are some serious flaws with this point of view. First is that most Americans do not want an uncontrolled immigration policy. In the last election they made this clear and in the mid-terms it will become even more self evident. In the long term most of these immigrants are Catholic and family oriented... not a strong demographic for abortionist and destructive policies aimed at replacing the unitary family with a state run model.

The strategists for the Democrats just don't seem to get it. For example in the questioning of Peter Struck, the purpose of the the recent Congressional Hearing, the public heard Republican congressmen and women grill Struck on his bias, seeking to show that it influenced his actions while serving as a top FBI investigator. When the Democratic Congressmen and Women had their chance to ask questions they grandstanded, using their time to further their political agenda on a range of unrelated issues. Since the Independents are likely to swing many of the races in closely contested districts how does this behavior play out in the minds of this vital demographic? The bias issue is something that interests both Republicans and Independents. It was the focus of the hearing. The Republicans asked questions on point and the Democrats did everything they could to obstruct and deflect the questioning. As someone inclined to an independent point of view, I found myself using the time the Democrats were given to use the bathroom, make phone calls, prepare a snack and let the dogs outside. I found myself thinking, "I wish those grandstanding Liberals would quit braying into the wind and let somebody else ask questions, germaine to the issue under discussion. I wanted to know if Peter Strzok's bias influenced his decision- making when he was serving at the FBI. That was reason most people tuned in... not to listen to a litany of unrelated issues intended to detract from the substance of the inquiry. I think that all the Independents who were part of the audience and many of the Democratic listeners were disappointed by the approach taken by their elected representatives who forgot why they were there.

The testimony that Strzok gave, not to mention his facial expressions and body language, showed he was not somebody that any reasonable viewer would ever want investigating them. What the American voters got to see was a pretty bad example of how a public servant should behave. What they also got to see were bad examples of their Democratic Representatives. Everybody knows this country is split along partisan lines. Forty percent are Democratic, Forty percent are Republican and twenty percent are Independent. While this "Circus" no doubt played well to their liberal base, it did not play well to moderate Democrats and the swing voters.

So why did all the Democrats grandstand in such an orchestrated attempt at deflection? The answer is for the same reason they walked lockstep, a year earlier, in demanding a Special Prosecutor to look into Trump/Russian Collusion. Note that Robert Muller's mandate was not into Russian Collusion or Hillary Clinton/ Russian collusion. The idea was to hamstring the Trump presidency in his administration's first year in office. It was a bad Political move. It backfired. The whole sordid mess would have blown over, as in past elections, if a Special Prosecutor had not been appointed. It was consciously orchestrated just as the Democratic strategy at this weeks hearing, to deflect/distract/change the subject of the inquiry was orchestrated. It was an abject failure. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are bad actors and rather than ignoring their political misdeeds and wasting political capital the Democrats should have worked with Republicans. Political bias should be a matter of common concern. It would have been wiser to participate and put the whole fiasco behind them.

The reason they haven't is because there was so much foul play in the previous administration that if they start throwing those who abused their power under the bus more of what has been swept under the carpet will be exposed for everyone to see. Rather than shutting up and letting the whole unfortunate situation blow over, the Democrats are using a destructive strategy that only illuminates more of the "Same Oh, Same Oh," that still remains under the rug.

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