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This is a dumpster for some really bad but funny (cringy) stories.
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Idiotic Compilation: Story VII: How to Play... Minecraft
1. You get an IDubbbz skin
2. You go to Hypixel
3. You get kicked for having an inappropriate outfit
4. You make a city
4b. That has rainbow unicorns eating hot dogs destroying banks while farting sewage
5. You make a redstone system that lags your world
6. You go to a server that has plots and you make the laggiest thing possible and crash the server
6b. You get banned for "Intentional Server Shutdown" stuff
7. You go play with your friends and grief their house
7b. You get your house griefed in return
8. You fight creepers and win
8b. You fight withers and lose
8c. You fight the ender dragon and lose
8d. You fight your friend and lose
8e. You fight chickens and die
8f. You fight cows and die
8g(a). You fight creepers again and your friend kills you
8g(b). How does that happen
9. You make your city again
9b(a). Your friend kills you
9a(b). How does that happen you're in creative mode
10. You repeat steps 4-5 and repeat steps 7-9a(b)

That's how you play Minecraft properly
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