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by ruwth
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I will be adding stories, poems & reflections as the year marches on. Take a gander today!
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~ His Creation ~
Many years ago, He had formed man out of the dust of the land. Man was His finest creation. Man was an animal but was also so much more. God had made so many animals before the day He made man but man was different. Man was created superior to all the other creatures God had made. Man was made in the image of God Himself.

There came a time God repented of having made man. He had given man the power of choice. He had not initially given man the knowledge of good and evil but man had used his power of choice to gain the knowledge for himself.

Man had chosen to disobey God. In essence, man chose not to trust God and acted against the only limitation God had put on man. Things have not gone very well since man made the decision to defy God. Evil was turned loose on the earth as a result and it broke God's heart to see so much wickedness on the face of the earth.

The wickedness of man was what had caused God to regret having created man in the first place but, just when God was thinking of wiping out His creation, He called on one of the men He knew loved and obeyed Him. God offered Noah an amazing chance to save mankind—and Noah acted on God's instructions.

Noah built an ark, a very large boat, and took his family on board along with a lot of animals. God then shut them up in the ark and caused the world to be flooded. Life outside the ark was destroyed by the flood.

When the waters of that God-sent flood receded, God promised not to destroy life on earth with a flood ever again. He created the rainbow as a sign of His promise. The rainbow was an indication that summer and winter, heat and cold, day and night would continue for as long as the earth endures.

The earth was then repopulated by the descendants of Noah and his family. Animals of every species repopulated their own areas of the earth as well. But the destruction of life had not destroyed the evil and wickedness that grieved God's heart. Soon, it was an rampant as ever. It was time for Plan B.

Actually, Plan B was probably the plan the whole time. God was not going to use a created man to save His creation. The plan that would work was for He, Himself to come to earth in the form of man.

God worked through other men to establish a pattern, a pattern of a blood sacrifice to cleanse man of sin. He called a people to be His chosen people. It was through the Israelites He was going to work His plan to walk among them in the form of man. He was with them in a body of flesh and blood—a body prepared for sacrifice.

He made His entrance as predicted by being born of a virgin. He grew in stature and faith and became a man. Then the time came for His blood sacrifice. This time, it was not the blood of lambs that was to cleanse mankind of their sin. This time it was His Blood, His Precious Blood.

He allowed Himself in the form of His Only Begotten Son to be condemned and die on a cross. Three days later, He rose from the dead and the final phase of His Plan for the salvation and restoration of man was in place.

After the resurrection, He went away to create a place for them. When the allotted time had passed, He would come again and gather in His faithful followers and they would live with Him in peace forever.

Written for: "No Dialogue Contest
July 2018 Prompt: animal
Word Count: 630 Words

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

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