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This is a dumpster for some really bad but funny (cringy) stories.
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Idiotic Compilation: Story IX: How to Go to the Movies
How to go to the movies like a man (with pics)

1. You need to get a nice looking lady like this fine woman: https://bit.ly/2vtgjvL
2. You need to dress up in a nice looking suit for the lady to like you. Here is one very fine suit. It is a Gucci suit with gold thread sewn near the buttons. https://dailym.ai/2MpWdJf
3. Go see a lovely movie, like a thrilling action movie, or a comedic movie, or perhaps a romantic movie. I would suggest this movie: https://bit.ly/2KDdblJ
4. Buy overpriced popcorn, soda, and candy.
5. Have fun and get kicked out of the theater for yeeting on people.

ok have fun with movies
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