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My little Update
It's been forever, or at least it seems like it since I've blogged. I thought it would be a good time to catch up around here and let you know what's been happening to me this year. It's been insanely crazy. Busy. Tiring. And a ton of other descriptive words I could probably use.

Let's see. My oldest and his wife moved out at the end of January. That made the house pretty quiet. It took me forever to finally get into his room and change that awful red that used to be there. Now it's a pretty gray with a sky blue ceiling. The wood floor was in shambles so we decided we couldn't move my youngest son in there until the floor was done. We sanded and put the polyurethane down. It looks great honestly. New bedding, curtains and a rug. After that, I painted his old room with the leftover paint, bought a desk, moved the futon in and set up an office for myself. *Bigsmile*. I've been dreaming about having an office again for about twelve years.

Just as I thought the house was going to be situated and I could get back to writing more consistently, the basement flooded. It wouldn't have been so bad if it were just rainwater, but it's me, and of course, it had to be raw sewage. That pretty much destroyed everything down there, lifting most of the tiles off the floor as well. I never thought I'd get that nasty smell out of there, even with the gallons of bleach that I was dumping everything. Insurance will help, but they won't cover the full amount of damages, which with the contents is about 10k. That is how I spent my last week anyway.

I've had health issues that have been keeping me down. My Achilles is messed up, and after getting a few x-rays, I found out I have Haglund's Deformity, not really a big deal, but with the added bone on my heels, it's creating issues for my left foot. I've had a handful of shots in late January and early February, thought that was all taken care of, but climbing the ladder to paint brought all the pain and limping back. Last month had a couple rounds of shots again, and it seems to be settling down. As if having a foot issue isn't bad enough, I believe I'm developing carpal tunnel. Lucky me, right? *RollEyes*. That comes and goes, and right now I'm wearing a brace just to keep the pain to a minimum. My blood pressure is regulated, I'm finally sleeping better after the hysterectomy, which was a long time coming.

We bought that gas station last year, and it looks like we will be opening sometime in September. This took forever. And paying for two buildings with only one operational has taken a toll. Thankfully, the garage is slammed right now. Everyone needs their car, and with our good reputation and fantastic rating on Google, we are maintaining things.

I submitted my novel to a legit publishing house 6+ weeks ago. I was excited and shocked when they asked for the first three chapters, and then the entire novel within 24 hours. There are 10 days left until the 8-week timeframe is over. I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear back from them. I should be excited, believing that it will be picked up because usually I've been rejected in less time. Is not hearing anything yet a good sign? Bad sign? Hell I don't even know. I keep trying not to think about it, but the 19th keep glaring at me from the calendar.

Anyway, I need to fix something in Megan's story that I completely forgot to put in. So a huge Thank You to Creepy QPdoll for reading my book, and giving it to me straight about what would have made the book better. The scene is almost complete and since the rest of my afternoon seems to be free, I intend to do my best to finish it.

Lots of *Heartv* to you all. I've missed this place, and all of you wonderful people as well.

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