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This is a dumpster for some really bad but funny (cringy) stories.
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Idiotic Compilation: Story XI: Pil Lump
Pil Lump was a wannabe Soundcloud rapper, like Lil Pump, but he was too poor to be like Lil Pump. Also, "Lil Pump" was already a name, so he lazily changed it to Pil Lump smh
He made parodies of Gucci Gang, D Rose, and ESSKEETIT, but he never got famous since Galaxy Goats previously made better parodies.
He needed to be smirt like Lil Pump. He needed to make catchy songs. He needed to make songs that get stuck in your head.
Songs that repeat the same word over and over again.
A famous phrase.
A good beat.
He asked his friend if he could use his computer to make a beat. His friend allowed him to use it, but he ended up making drum spam.
Pil Lump asked his friend if he could make a beat. Later, he finally got a good beat, so he needed to write the lyrics of his next big hit.
He needed to know the secrets of being a good Soundcloud rapper.
He needed to be catchy and he needed to have dreads.
He went to the local hair salon to get dreads, one side electric blue, and one side black, but it looked stupid since he had very pale skin.
Pil Lump smacked hot chocolate powder on his body to make the dreads look good but he ended up having an army of flies around his face.
He decided to be a unique rapper and went on with writing the lyrics.
Pil Lump spent 2 days looking in the dictionary at the local library, and he found a phrase that could make him be the next Soundcloud rap god.
After a few days, he finally finished the song. He recorded it and posted it on Soundcloud.
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