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This is a dumpster for some really bad but funny (cringy) stories.
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Idiotic Compilation: Story XIII: How to win in MC Skywars
1. Find a chest
2. Open it and find stuff
3. Do stuff with the stuff you found
3a. Like fighting people
3b. Or building cubes to other islands
3c. Or making a statue of a dabber that will get you banned (its 2018)
4. Kill people until you're the last player on the map
5. Get killed by salty 8-year-olds who are jealous of you just cause you won
6. Repeat the whole process again until the salty 8-year-olds ragequit
7. Make videos out of it and get rich
8. Repeat the whole process again and stuff

Congratulations you are now a dank Skywars player now go get a real job in an office or something
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