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A book about the adventures of the people of Callah
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The Roses and the Bee
On a sunny day in Callah, a bee called his son to his side. The young bee was curious about what his father wanted and concerned about the stern look in his father’s eyes.

“Is there something wrong, Father?” he asked.

“There is nothing wrong,” said Father bee,” Today is the day you go by yourself to gather nectar for us to make honey.”

The young bee had never been so proud. He could finally go on his own to gather nectar. It was a very important time for him.

“Go out and find any flower that you can and get nectar from them. Bring it back here as soon as you get it,” Father bee said with a smile.

The young bee flew out around the forest gathering nectar. His father would be so pleased to see how much he brought home.

The young bee saw a fenced garden. Swaying in the breeze were large, red flowers that the young bee had not seen before.

He flew toward the flowers and pitched on their petals.

One of the flowers gave a shriek and the young bee jumped.

“What are you doing, bee?” demanded one of the flowers.

“I’m a bee and I’m collecting nectar to bring home so we can make honey,” he answered.

“But we are roses. You don’t just fly into our petals. We’re special flowers,” said the rose, “What you must do is walk up our stems and gather nectar that way.”

So, the young bee started to walk up the stem of one of the roses. Every few steps he took he was scratched by large thorns that grew out of the stems. As he tried to climb each rose he encountered the same problem. Finally, he decided that Roses were not for gathering nectar and flew off home.

His father was so happy to see the nectar. He saw a sad look on the young bee’s face and was worried about what had caused it.

“You have gathered so much nectar. You should be proud,” Father bee said, “Why do you looked so troubled?”

The young bee answered, “I realized that I can’t get nectar from roses. I could have gotten more except for them. I can’t climb their stems to get into their petals.”

Father bee laughed so loud it echoed through their home.

“The roses got you with the same trick they got me with. Those flowers are not special. Just fly quietly and fly into their petals without them knowing,” said Father bee.

The young bee smiled and flew away to find the roses again. There they were in their garden. Quietly he flew down to the roses and right into the middle of their petals. He gathered as much nectar as he could carry.

The roses swayed angrily as he flew out of each one.

“You’re not special. My father told me that you tricked him like you tricked me. I’ll be getting your nectar anytime I want,” the young
bee said triumphantly.

Happily he flew home and his family thoroughly enjoyed making honey with all the nectar he had gathered.

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