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From time to time, old crusty writers like myself may come to the point of wondering whether it is worth it to continue writing. We ask ourselves why we write in the first place. And, although we feel we have answered that question on more than one occasion, we are again compelled to ask it anew. This is especially true if no one has reviewed anything in a long while.

Now, all of this may sound somewhat bleak. However, things aren't usually as bad as we make them sound. For, just when we think we should chuck all to the wind and take up bird watching, a wafting breeze of goodwill gently ruffles the curtains of our hopeless hearts. An email from one we know or from one we have yet to meet reviews a piece of our work written long ago. They award us five stars and relate to us how much they enjoyed the writing. Then, as though the writing gods have been stirred from their lethargy, another review follows close behind. It's another five-star rating and a compliment on the skill of the piece.

And then we wonder, why all the sudden interest? The truth is, it's no big mystery; it just happens that way at times. Just when you begin to see yourself as old news, some generous soul stops by to give you a little encouragement. They don't really know that's what they're doing, but the end result is that you decide to hold off on the bird watching - at least for a while. You don't sound a trumpet or anything, but it's nice to know that people acknowledge that you are still among the living.

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