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"To thine own self be true..." Most will recognize this iconic statement of Shakespear's story of Hamlet. What does it mean? It means that every man must be real in his evaluation of who he is as a man, or, of course, as may be in the case of a woman. This inner knowledge may seem simple enough; it is, however, not as simple as it may seem.

Inner knowledge requires a great deal of honesty. This honesty is difficult for most people. They do not wish to face up to who they are when the public mask is removed. As they most often present themselves is the way in which they would like to be seen. But this presentation is very often only a facade they construct to hide the painful truth. Also, and most important to understand, is that people very often do not wish to be who they are. They dream of being someone else. If they are of a gentle nature, they may feel that they would rather be more self-asserting and stronger in the presence of others. As strange as it may seem, those who possess aggressive personalities would prefer to embrace a milder demeanor. Yet, in this, they are conflicted, feeling that the gentle soul is often taken advantage of by others. And so, within this conflict, there must be a choice. But what is that choice? Cannot two seemingly opposing states reside within each man or woman, only showing forth when certain circumstances exist?. They can indeed, and then the mind and body are in harmony.

Self-knowledge is a vast subject of which much has been written. One is never too old to learn these great truths by which life and lives will be made better.

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