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I wonder if any of you have ever felt like me in that you find you have nothing to say. There are no particular ideas that you feel inspired to turn into poems or articles or stories. Now, I can imagine the cacophony of voices explaining the surrounding miasmas that may bring on such a writer's malady. But is such a writer indeed sick and his or her muse bereft of all brilliance? I would answer an emphatic, NO.

Perfectly reasonable to the artistic mind are those dry seasons when nothing seems to grow. However, as every farmer knows, these times pass and seed time and harvest return. Consider, if you will, these lean times as periods of germination. Crops will grow again, and writers will write again. It's only a matter of time before the fresh ink will begin to flow, bringing life and form to the latent idea.

Yes, writers may walk through barren and storyless lands where nothing takes root, and we seem like a stranger to that which we so love. But one unexpected day our journey will end, and we will return home once more.

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