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I heard a young Christian woman relating the times of her daily life when she felt that there was more to do than there was time to do it. Of course, she had just as much time as anyone else to accomplish her task. Could it have been that she had accumulated too many responsibilities? This overload is indeed possible in the frantic lifestyles of many.

My personal approach to everyday chores is somewhat different from those who can't catch their breath. Being retired, I am still determined to remain active. I run regularly, take care of the household, and have grasscutting jobs in the Spring and summer. I am an avid reader, and of course, a writer. However, there are days when I do very little at all. I chill. There may be a solid week when I neither read nor write to any extent. After cutting the grass in temperatures of 90 degrees or more, there may be little energy for anything else. I shower, sit back, and take it easy.

The chores and office work will always get done, as I only fill my plate with what I know I can eat. And, of course, I continue to employ the chill factor

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