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A Trendy Venue

The WDC community newsfeed is a trendy venue for the announcement of contests, the posting of ideas, plans, as well as reminders of present and future projects. It could be that some of you use this forum as I do to keep in touch and say hello from time to time, as well as an opportunity to impart a bit of earned wisdom. In any case, we all sincerely appreciate any comments, and from the thoughts we impart. And believe me, no matter how many times you hear writers say that they don't care what others think about their work and they only write for themselves, don't believe it for a moment. They may think they have convinced themselves of that lie, but if they believed that they didn't care, why would they be posting their work on WDC in the first place?

However, there is one interesting observation that I have experienced in my years among our community of writers. I have noticed that not every writer receives the same coveted reactions and comments to what they have to say. Some may post on several occasions and get little or no attention at all. Of course, it stands to reason that not all writers are on the same level and that not all write those things that garner the most attention. I must say that some seem to get an inordinate amount of attention as though they were the only game in town. I don't hold this against them. They are always putting themselves out there, and as we know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The problem is, some wheels are hardly getting any grease at all. I began to wonder why these phenomena might exist.

I then arrived at a somewhat reasonable conclusion. It would seem that there are those writers who may have problems relating to others in the message they are are trying to convey. It may seem odd that writers would have trouble connecting to others, but, after all, writers are just people with all of those warts and flaws. Some write in ways that are difficult to understand. Others feel the need to philosophize in ways that leave the reader confused as to what they have just read. Clear communication is lost, and the reader moves on to a more pleasing post. Others cannot resist the temptation to appear more intelligent than they are by the use of silver dollar words and complex sentences, as well as personal quotes that have no clear direction or message.

Finally, it all comes down to clear and effective communication. Be clear and don't try to be too clever.

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